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Friday 12th June

Dear Class R parents and carers,

Thank you for your continued updates via photographs and videos. It has been lovely to see so many children enjoying our Under the Sea Topic and that they are continuing to engage in home learning.


We are now coming to the end of our first full week back with a greater number of children in Class R, however as you are aware we have continued to be in school since the large scale closure in March.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank both Mrs Wyman and Mrs Pearce for all their support in school over the past 3 months. The support they are showing for the children in school is phenomenal and they are caring for all of the children and making things as normal for them as possible. They are constantly putting the needs of the children ahead of their own and their support at this time is truly humbling.


I would like to also thank Mrs Benney, Mrs Trott and Miss Borlase for all their support with every aspect of home learning. They are providing encouragement and guidance for all our children at home and are going over and above in helping keep our families connected.

Mrs Fairfield - Sampson has also been an extremely important and valued member of our team and sadly she is currently not with us in Class R. This is because she is working at Clyst Valley Pre-School and is doing a wonderful job in helping and supporting the younger children in their return to pre-school. I have seen her several times this week and she sends her love to everyone too.


Over the past few days I have received so many wonderful messages of support, love and kindness and I truly appreciate every message I have had. If I have impacted your child's life over the past year it is only because of the support of our Class R team.


The children have all worked extremely hard this week both in school and at home and I am conscious they have done a great deal of writing over the past few days.

Today we are going to have a bit more time on Maths and letter recognition instead.


First I would like the children to watch the attached video on Set 1 Red words. In the video I first of all hold up the red words and they need to respond with what the word says. I then run through them afterwards saying each word.


After this I would like the children to watch the attached video of the story 'It's ok to be different'.
We have talked a fair bit this week about difference and we saw how the under the sea creatures judged Smiley Shark and the Whale for being different and thought bad things about them because of this.
I would like the children to try something different today. It may that they eat a food they don't normally eat, play a game they don't normally play or have a go at singing or dancing to something new. Perhaps they have never tried ballet, break dancing, football or painting at home. Maybe they only ever wear matching socks, today is the day to be a little different, they could wear odd socks, or their mummy's jumper or try moving around on all fours like their favourite pet.
I want the children to do something out of the ordinary and celebrate how good it is to be different. I am looking forward to seeing your videos or photos.


After this I would like the children to have a go at measuring distances. Can the children create 3 different paths. They may use chalk outside, lego, cushions, masking tape/sellotape or draw them out on paper. They need to get from one point to another, with each path starting from the same starting line and ending at the same finish line. However the three paths need to be different - one straight, one curved and one very wriggly! Ask them to guess which path is longest, then ask them to walk along each in turn as they count the steps. Write how many steps on each path. Discuss whether the 2nd path is longer/shorter than the 1st, then finally compare all 3. They then need to get their grownup or sibling to walk along the path and have a go at counting how many steps long each path is. Point out that we get slightly different answers as some of us have bigger strides than others, but we can all use our strides to find out which is the longest path.


After this I would like the children to have a go at working through the attached Maths pages. Again please do not worry about printing out these pages, instead simply write down the answers on paper or in a notebook.


Please look out for Mrs Benney's challenge later in the day and if you have time please try the ones from earlier in the week. I am particularly excited to see how people got on with yesterdays challenge.


Kindest regards

Mr B

Red Words

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It's ok to be Different

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