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Friday 1st May

Dear Class R parents and carers,

Here we are at the end of another week of school. However if you are anything like me the week ending and weekend beginning are tricky to differentiate between at the moment. As best as we can we do need to try to make sure the children realise the weekend is 'different' than the weekdays and hopefully the addition of activities and work throughout the week is providing some semblance of normality.


Today will be our final day of working on 'The Very Busy Spider' and next week we will move onto another book. We will be continuing to look at wildlife and will be moving onto some larger animals next week so look out for the next story on Monday morning.


Many of the children have been incredibly busy this week and have sent through a wonderful amount of drawings, writing, videos and truly fantastic work. It really does brighten my day with every single thing I receive and with the comments from our wonderful Teaching Assistants too it helps me to feel connected to our families.


Despite all of these wonderful things I am aware that some of the children are beginning to experience a range of different feelings and emotions. Even we, as adults, often find it difficult to pinpoint why we are feeling this way and our children are no different. They too find it hard to express how they are feeling and this can come out in a range of ways. This may be through tears, frustration, anger or refusal to join in activities they normally enjoy.

Therefore today I would like the children to spend some time trying out some of the activities from the 'How Are You Feeling Today?' book. They know this book quite well as we have discussed many of the emotions in there before. I have read and recorded some of the pages and have also added pictures of these pages. I would like the children to watch the videos and maybe try out some of the techniques that the book suggests. It can hopefully give the children some strategies for managing how they are feeling and also give them an idea of what it is they are actually feeling.

If they would then like to come up with some of their own strategies/ideas of things they do when they are feeling a particular way I would love them to share this with me. They could do this by drawing, writing, taking photographs or videoing their ideas. No idea is silly or wrong because if it works for them it is important and I would love to try out some of their suggestions.


I have attached the '10 a day choices towards balancing our mental health' - perhaps when they have done the above they may feel, throughout the course of the day that they are able to try out number 1 - 'Talk about your feelings'. This does not have to be exclusive to the children; you to could share with them how you are feeling. Of course we don't want to make them miserable or scared, however there is something very powerful in sharing how we are feeling. I am not suggesting divulging details that are beyond their comprehension but if you are feeling 'tired', 'worried', 'sad' (because you cannot see your family/friends) it is ok to share that with them.

Someone who is currently living with me and is feeling a bit 'grumpy', 'sad' and 'worried' is Rainbow. Rainbow is missing everyone in Class R and would love to hear from the children. Could the children draw a picture, record a video or write a message to Rainbow to help put a smile on her face. It maybe something you would like to do with Rainbow when you return to school. It may be something that you do that puts a smile on your face, something you would like to say to her or something you would like Rainbow to try, to make her happy. If the children come up with things to try I will look to do these with her over the coming days.


I will not be asking the children to work in their phonics or maths books today as I want them to spend a bit of time on the above activities. However if they would like to try the following Maths activity that would be great. However only if they feel they want to.
Could you get your child to write 10 + 0 = 10, 9 + 1 = 10, 8 + 2 = 10 etc. until they have written out all the pairs of numbers that add up to 10.
I would then like the children to use 2 sets of matching items e.g. 2 different colours of lego/duplo, 2 sets of coins e.g. 1p and 2p coins etc. I would then like them to muddle them up and select 10 - for example 6 red lego blocks and 4 green lego blocks. Once they have done this can they find the matching addition sum. Please see attached video for an example of this.


I will be sending out a challenge at lunch time so please keep an eye out for this.


Kindest regards

Mr B

Feelings Pt 1

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Feelings Pt 2

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Feelings Pt 3

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Maths 3

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