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Friday 22nd May

Dear Class R parents and carers,

What a super week it has been, with so many of you enjoying the 'Monkey Puzzle' and 'Does a Kangaroo have a Mother too?' stories.

I am sorry that I have not been as active on Tapestry throughout the week and I have not been able to add as many videos as I would normally like to. It has been a bit busy at school and has not left much time unfortunately.


This week we have looked at animals and their babies and how they differ in appearance, how Mummy's love and care for their children and have also learnt about camouflage. We have considered quite a few things throughout the week and what I would like the children to do today is to have a think about when they were babies themselves. Can they look at some baby photos and then come up with 5 things that have changed since these photos were taken. For example "I can now run, jump and dance" or "I can now get myself dressed", "When I was a baby I had no hair. Now I have long brown hair".
Perhaps they could write down the things that they come up with, either on mini-mash or on paper. Alternatively they may like to video themselves explaining some of the things they can do now, that they couldn't when they were babies.


After this I would like them to watch the following BBC Bitesize video 'What types of food do animals eat?' -  After they have watched the video I would like the children to have a go at 2 activities I have set on Purple Mash which involve grouping animals based on whether they are herbivores, omnivores or carnivores. Please note that I would not expect the children to know the answers to all of these, however it provides a good opportunity to discuss and consider these together with you.


After this I would like them to do a bit of counting in 2's. Can they use counting in twos to count collections of objects, e.g. pairs of shoes, pairs of cubes, pairs of eyes on soft toys, pairs of socks, Can they find 10 separate pairs? How many items are there altogether? Can they count them out in 2's?

Please also keep a look out for Mrs Wyman's challenge at lunchtime.

Love Mr B