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Friday 27th March

Dear Class R parents and carers,

It is Friday, however with things being the way they currently are it is easy to forget what day it is. It continues to be a very strange situation for all of us and I hope you are all managing well at this time.


Today I would like the children to create their own number line from 0 - 20. They can either do this on paper or card, in chalk on the floor or an alternative, creative, method. I would love to see what they come up with. 


After this could they work on pages 8-11 of their Maths book. This section of the book mainly focuses on addition. 


Once they have done this could the children go around the house or garden and find a range of different items e.g. a selection of teaspoons and a pile of leaves and look at adding two separate amounts together e.g. 8 teaspoons + 3 leaves = 11 (items in total). They can record their additions using an iPad / tablet or camera or they could write their addition sum down. Ideally I would like them to work on amounts that are greater than ten so that they have the opportunity to focus on numbers between 10 and 20. 


As an extra activity if they can try to work out number bonds to 20 as well that would be fantastic - e.g. 10 + 10 = 20, 11 + 9 = 20, 12 + 8 = 20 etc. Can they list all the number bonds to 20 they can find?


Yesterday evening many people stopped at 8:00 o'clock to show their appreciation for the wonderful people working in the NHS. it would be lovely if they could think of someone who helps them or others. It may be a parent or grandparent, older sibling, friend, doctor, nurse, postal worker etc. It may provide an opportunity for you to chat with them about the amazing things that people are doing to help others at a very difficult time. Once they have chosen someone could they log on to mini mash and access 'Reading and Writing' - '2create a story' and draw a picture of that person and write down what they do to help them or others.


The progress on Doodle Maths has be wonderful this week. However there are still a few that have yet to use it. If you are having problems with this please do let me know and I will try to help.


We are a week into school being closed and for some of the children and families they have been away even longer. I have heard from many families this week, but not everyone. If you have each others number, email or are friends with them on social media please try to keep in touch. 
    Maybe your child would like to make a video or picture to share with another child to say hi. If they do then you can upload this to Tapestry but put in the notes that you would like it shared with a specific child / family or all the children. I am more than happy to do this but you would have to tell me this is what you want to do.


There is quite a bit to be getting on with there and of course Mrs Wyman will be uploading her challenge during the day and Mrs Hocking will set a wider school challenge.


After today the 'Easter Holiday' starts. Plans at school have changed and no teaching staff are going to be in school over the next two weeks. However as this 'holiday' is going to look a lot different than usual ones I will be checking in periodically via Tapestry with some ideas and suggestions of things to do at home. I'm sure you will understand that I can't be on all the time as I need to ensure I spend some time with Jack (my son) whilst he is off. I believe Mrs Wyman will be adding some ideas throughout the 'break' as well.
    On that note I would like to thank Mrs Wyman for working so hard this week supporting children and families online and adding challenges, despite being poorly. Thank you Mrs Wyman!!


I will be checking my emails throughout the next couple of weeks so please do get in touch if you need anything.

At present I am unsure how things will look after Easter but if the same restrictions are in place, we will continue providing online ideas and learning for all our families.

I hope you are all able to have some quality time together. Stay safe and look after one another.


Kind regards


Lee Bastyan