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Friday 3rd July

Dear Class R parents and carers,


Thank you for your continued engagement throughout this week. It has been fantastic to see so much high quality work being submitted from the children at home. The children in school have been very busy too, discussing the different types of transport they can think of and yesterday they undertook a range of transport themed sorting, cutting and sticking activities.

Today I would like the children to begin the day by having a go at the 'tricky word trucks' game on phonics play, focusing on Phase 3 and Phase 4 HFW at  After this I would like the children to have a look at the comics  These are designed as pages from a comic book, with captions for the children to read. It is quite a nice way of encouraging the children to read something a little different.

After this I would like the children to think about a journey they often make. Can they draw a map to show the things they see on this journey. They can either draw or paint this on paper or card or alternatively they may choose to use Purple Mash / Mini Mash.

Following this I would like the children to watch the attached video of Mrs Bastyan reading about the pilot Amelia Earhart. I feel that this story is a positive insight into believing in yourself, whether you are a child, adult, boy, girl, man or women. Amelia Earhart believed in herself and in fact became an inspiration to so many because of her achievements.
After this I would like the children to go through the powerpoint 'All about Amelia Earhart.' I would like them to discuss with you what they have found out from the powerpoint and why people consider Amelia to be an inspiration to so many.


After this I would like the children to consider someone who is important in their life? Is there someone who inspires them to try new things and believe in themselves? It may be Mummy or Daddy, Granny or Granddad or an uncle or Auntie etc. What is is that this person does which makes them feel brave? Can they draw a picture of the person and write down what it is that is special about them.


After this I would like the children to have a rummage through their recycling or craft bits and see if they can create their own vehicle to transport a favourite toy of theirs. I would like the children to think about whether it will be a vehicle that travels through the air, water or on land? Will it float, have wings, wheels or tracks? I am really excited to see what the children come up with.


Kindest regards

Mr B