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Monday 11th May

Dear Class R parents and carers,

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend and that you were able to enjoy some time together as a family.


At this stage I do not know how things will change moving forward, therefore we will be continuing our home learning as we were previously and we will await a further update from Mrs Herbert in the coming days.


This week we will be continuing our work on the Eric Carle story 'From Head to Toe'. In Maths we will be looking at finding one more/one less and subtracting two by counting back. We will also be using our story to do some work on naming the parts of our body. Alongside this we will be continuing to work in our Phonics and Maths books.


This morning I would like the children to think about our story 'From Head to Toe' and select one of the animals in the story to find out some facts about them. I have added two power-points that you may find useful, as well as the link to BBC Bitesize - Animals topic  I am not suggesting you go through the 46 videos! However there are 9 'learner guides' - videos, on the first page that you may find contain some useful information. You may choose to use other sources of information e.g. books you have at home or other internet sources. If using the internet please do check what your child is viewing.


It would be great if your child drew a picture of their animal and then wrote down a number of facts, minimum of 3. They may choose to do this on one page, make a small book, use mini-mash (2create a story) or record a video of them explaining their facts.


Next I would like the children to watch the attached Maths video, working on subtracting 1 at a time, from 20 to 0.

Once your child has done this I would like them to make their own 0 - 20 number line, either using paper / cardboard, post it notes, chalk etc. Once they have done this I would like them to make their own 1 or 2 spot dice. You could either make a dice from scratch or simply place spots / stickers on a dice. Next they need to place a toy or counter at number 20 on their number line. They then roll the dice and move back on the number line either 1 or 2 spaces. They need to say what space they will be on each time. They can either do this on their own or with yourself or a sibling. Who will get to 0 first? ( I have attached another video of Sweep and I playing the game to show you how to play.


I will be adding a challenge around lunchtime so look out for that.


Please note that Mrs Wyman is in school this week so will not be replying to many Tapestry entries as she will be busy at school.


Kindest regards

Mr B

Maths 20 - 0 Pt 1

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Maths 20 - 0 - Pt 2

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Maths 20 - 0 - Pt 3

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Maths - Activity Pt 1

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Maths Activity - Pt 2

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