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Monday 15th June

Dear Class R parents and carers,

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and were able to enjoy some time together as a family.
I would like to thank all those children / families who sent birthday wishes to Mrs Wyman over the weekend and I hope she had a wonderful time.


This week in Class R we will still be looking at the coast, seaside and beaches but we are going to move on from the books we were looking at last week and will begin the week by looking at the story 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch' by Ronda and David Armitage.


I would like the children to begin by listening to the story. Afterwards I would like them to think about the characters from the story and list which characters they remember e.g. Mr Grinling, seagulls etc. These are some difficult words to spell and I would not expect them to get them correct on a first attempt, I would rather just see them have a go and see how they get on, using their phonics knowledge.


Mr Grinling has to go to the lighthouse come rain or shine. Can the children draw the clothes that he would need to wear for different weathers? Alternatively they may like to choose the clothes that they would wear in different weathers and photograph themselves in these clothes.


Mr Grinling also has a favourite lunch, can you draw a picture of your favourite lunch or help your grownup make your favourite lunch?


Next I would like the children to take a look at the video 'Robert Stevenson and the Lighthouse Stevensons' on BBC Bitesize -  Can they have a chat afterwards with you about what they remember from the video. Why are lighthouses used?, how many steps were in the lighthouse? I don't want them to write any of these facts down as it more down to the children discussing what they have heard and remember.


After this I would like the children to have a go at the attached Red Words lesson. This is similar to the lesson we did last week, however this time we will be looking at some set 2 red words. I will show them first and then go back through saying the word each time.


In Maths this week we are going to have a push on recognising and writing numbers between 10 and 20.
I would like the children to write out separate number cards from 10 to 20 and then once they have done that they need to give them to their grownup or older sibling, who needs to shuffle them and place them in a box or bag. Their 'teacher' then needs to slide one of them slowly up to reveal part of the number. Children then need to write on a whiteboard or piece of paper what they think the number might be. Reveal the number to check, and discuss how it is written. Repeat with other numbers from 10 to 20.


After this I would like the children to work on Exercise 8 and Exercise 9 from the attached sheets.


Mrs Benney will be adding a challenge during the day so please do look out for that too.


Kindest regards

Mr B

The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch

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Red Words - Set 2

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