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Monday 22nd June

Dear Class R parents and carers,


I hope you all had a lovely weekend and were able to enjoy Fathers day with the special people in your life, whether that is in person or via zoom, Skype etc.
I know that days like this can also be difficult for many as it makes us think of those who are no longer with us and I know that a few of our children have lost paternal figures in their lives over the past year. Thinking of loss brings up a range of feelings; ones of happiness that they were a part of their lives but also sadness that they are no longer there. It is important that where we can we give the children opportunity to discuss these feelings they may have and an outlet for it. As you will no doubt know something will pop into their head, they will talk about it and then just as quickly move onto something else. It is important we go with them when they do this and if they move on to something else that is fine and just their way of working it out in their heads. If any of your children have been finding it difficult with thinking about loss, particularly at this time where everything is so unusual, please do let me know if you require any advice or a chat on how to support your children. By no means do I have all the answers but am happy to help where possible.


We are now beginning week 11 of our change in learning and the past 3 months have seen things change so much and often on a weekly basis. I am sure things will continue to shift and change over the coming weeks and I, like all of you, don't know how things will look before the 'summer holidays' or a return in September. Therefore at present my plan is to continue putting daily learning onto Tapestry that those at home can access and we will also be working on in School. As more children return to school and the number of those working at home reduces it may be that in following weeks I will instead send out specific learning for those children at home, rather than daily learning for all. I will see how things progress over the coming weeks and will let you all know if the format is going to change.


This week we are going to move onto a new story book 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Picnic' and will be looking at healthy eating, exercise and safety. For Maths this week we will be looking at recognising coins and solving simple problems.


This morning I would like the children to begin by watching the attached video going through our super speedy sounds. I would like them to follow this up by working through the green words on the same video.


Once they have done this can they watch the attached video of 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Picnic'.
Mr Grinling really enjoys eating Mrs Grinling's lovely food but has eaten a little to much. It is ok to eat and enjoy cakes, biscuits and crisps but we should not eat to much and it is important that we exercise and eat healthy food too. I would like the children to come up with a set of exercises that Mr Grinling could try to help him feel more healthy. They can be any exercises but must last for 3 minutes. It may be that you choose dancing, running, jumping, hopping or a combination of lots of things. Could you draw a picture or write down a set of instructions for Mr Grinling or alternatively video yourself doing the exercises.


After this I would like the children to look at the pictures of the food created by Mrs Grinling. She has come up with some super ideas and some very good names too. I would like the children to have a think about a healthy dish for Mr Grinling to eat and see if they can give it an exciting name too. They may choose to draw or paint a picture or alternatively if they have the ingredients at home they may like to have a go at making the healthy snack for Mr Grinling.


After this I would like the children to watch the attached Maths videos looking at coins and how we order them based on value. Please note that I understand that not everyone will have access to coins at home and have therefore attached some printable coins. Alternatively you may choose to get your child to make their own coins using paper/card.
It is a very interesting time regarding the use of money as we are currently living in a period where physical money is, in the main, not being used and we are all being encouraged to use contactless payments. Our children are being brought up in a world that means as we move forward it is likely money will be used electronically. However it is still important that we teach our children the importance of being able to recognise the value of different types of money. I believe the way we teach children about money will change as they grow and a greater emphasis will be placed on how we spend money electronically. This is a hard concept for the children to understand and I feel it was much easier for myself over 30 years ago to learn about money. I could go to the Newsagent with 20p and buy a number of things, count out the money and then count my change. Our children are not getting as many of these opportunities because of our changing world and it is important that we come up with ways of discussing money and how it is used.


Please note that Mrs Benney will be adding a challenge later today so please do look out for that. I was very impressed with the singing videos last week and thank you Mrs Benney for your great ideas throughout the week.


Kindest regards

Mr B

Super Speedy Sounds

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Green Words

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The Lighthouse Keeper's Picnic - 1

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The Lighthouse Keeper's Picnic - 2

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Maths Coins - 1

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Maths coins - 2

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