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Monday 4th May

Dear Class R parents and carers,

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and enjoyed some time together.


Thank you all so much for the wonderful tapestry uploads I received last week. I was particularly touched by all the lovely videos, pictures and photos the children sent on Friday about how to look after Rainbow and each other, as well as thinking about our feelings.


This week we will be moving on from looking at 'The Very Busy Spider' and spiders to other animals and wildlife.
Please see yesterdays video of the 'Very Lonely Firefly', as I felt this was quite a nice story to bring to a close our work on mini-beasts.


This video shows lots of things that the firefly found that 'light up'. I would therefore like the children to go on a hunt around the house and outside to find things that light up. It may be night lights, outdoor solar lights, the standby light on the T.v etc. See what you can find. You may be surprised how many things actually light up.


In Maths we will be looking at capacity this week. The key words for this topic are 'full', 'empty', 'capacity', 'measure', 'volume' 'container', 'nearly full', 'half full', 'half empty', 'nearly empty'. We will be exploring ways to measure how much we can fit inside a container and comparing different sized containers to see how much they can hold. I have attached a video challenge for the children to try out at home and will be adding more in the coming days. There is a powerpoint attached too for the children to try once they have watched the video and tried out the activity.


Another activity I would like the children try has been inspired by Matilda. Last week Matilda kindly chose to make a card to thank the person who delivers their post. I would like the children to come up with a card or picture to say thank you to someone who is helping them at this time. It maybe the person who serves them in the local shop, the refuse collectors, postal worker, Amazon delivery driver, milk delivery driver etc. I know lots of the children have already made rainbow pictures to go up in their windows but I thought it would be nice for the children to think about some of the people who are doing things to help us, whilst we are indoors.


I have attached the Maths video, the story of 'The Lonely Firefly', the key words and a capacity powerpoint for the children to work through.


I will be adding a challenge at lunch time today and look forward to seeing how you have got on at home.


Mrs Wyman will not be in school this week so will be online throughout the week and will be looking at your lovely work so be sure to say hello to her during the week as I know she would love to hear from you all.

Love Mr B

Maths - Capacity 1

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Maths - Capacity 2

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Story - The Lonely Firefly

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