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Monday 6th July

Dear Class R parents and carer's,


I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and could enjoy some time with your families and were able to benefit from some of the restrictions changing on July 4th.


We now know who your child's teacher will be for next year and I am very excited for the children to get to meet Ms Osman in September. In the meantime Miss Wilkinson has been extremely busy putting plans in place for all the teachers for next year to be recorded reading a story to the children, which I will share via Tapestry. That way at least the children will get the opportunity to see and hear from their new teacher, prior to returning after the holidays. I recognise that this of course is no substitute for actually meeting face to face. However in these challenging times I am sure everyone will appreciate we are doing are absolute best to support transition, under such tight restrictions. If you have any questions at all about this please do let me know.


This week we are going to continue our exploration of Transport and the ways we travel. We are going to carry on looking at how transport has changed over the years and the differences between modern day and historical transportation.
In Maths this week we are going to continue to focus on our number formation and looking at writing out addition and subtraction sums. This is an extremely important area for the children to practise as there will be greater emphasis on recording information when they move into Class 1 and beyond.

To begin with today I would like the children to start off with a bit of exercise, measuring and subsequent recording.
I would like the children to work with their family to mark out a distance of 10 metres either in their garden, somewhere, in the house or on the pavement. I would then like them to see how many times they can move this distance and back again. They will need to the write out their results for example 'I )hopped, ran, cycled, rolled etc), to the line (...) times.
We will then be able to add this total to our 'Clyst to Cape' distance for Class R. I would love to see what creative ways they come up with to move from start to finish!


After this I would like the children to relax with a snack and listen to the attached story 'You can't take an elephant on the bus'.

After this I would like the children to pick one of the types of transport mentioned in the story and see if they can put another animal in that situation instead. What silly thing would happen? Can they draw a picture of this and write out their description too.


Next I would like the children to watch the attached clip from BBC Bitesize 'Air travel in the 20th century' -  Can the children then go through the powerpoint 'Transport old and new'. What do they notice is different about the various types of transport. Why do they think they look so different? Why have so many modern types of transport changed, compared with what they used to look like? Think about the video you just watched too. The planes changed over time because some of the first plane designs didn't work very well and needed to be adapted and changed in order to make them work.


Following this I would like the children to go through the powerpoint guess my word game. In this powerpoint it shows the children the written number, followed by an amount of items and then the number itself. It is important that the children practise recognising these numbers in written format, as they will often appear in books or maths questions.


After they have been through the powerpoint I would like the children to have a go at making their own number line from one to twenty, where they write out the numbers in word format and find the number of items to match the number.


There is also a 2do called 'Match the digits to the numbers written in words.' Have a go and see how you get on with this activity.


Please note that unfortunately Miss Pearce is not returning to school this week as she is still unwell. Therefore Mrs Wyman and I will be in school Monday to Thursday and Mrs Wyman and Mrs Benney will be in school on Friday.

For those children attending Breakfast Club they will continue to be with me during the mornings so please drop off as normal to Reception as I will be in Class R.


Kindest regards

Mr B

You Can't take an Elephant on the Bus

Still image for this video