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Monday 8th June

Dear Class R parents and carers,

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and were able to enjoy some time outside.


We are now entering our ninth week of teaching and learning in a very different way. Over the past week things have of course changed again with approximately half of our class now in school and the other half working at home with their families. In the coming weeks I am sure things will begin to look a little different again as more children return to school and more parents and carers are returning to work. However we will be continuing to provide daily learning, videos and responses to all our families throughout the remainder of the school year. We are very lucky that we have an even split of staff working across both school and providing online responses via Tapestry and this will continue for the foreseeable future.


This week we are going to be continuing to look at under the sea creatures and will be looking at several new books over the course of the week.


In maths we will be working on measuring in length and looking at measuring using non-standard units, as well as in cm / mm and metres too.


In phonics I would like the children to continue to work on recognising their red words in Sets 1, 2 and 3. So as much practice on this throughout the week would be fantastic. They can do this using their red word sheets that were sent home or via phonics play - Tricky Trucks. It is essential for their reading that they begin to recognise as many of these words as they can and also begin to remember how to spell these when using them in their writing.


First of all I would like the children to watch the video of 'Smiley Shark' which is attached below.
What do you notice in the story? How is Smiley Shark feeling throughout the story? Why are the other fish scared of Smiley Shark? Were they right to be scared of him?

We all have times where we feel scared of something and this often means that we don't try new things or play with other people because of feelings we have inside. I would like the children to think of something they have been scared of before but have actually found was not as scary as they thought it would be. Cant they draw a picture of this and write a sentence to describe it.


After this I would like the children to have a go at selecting x 4 words from their red word list and seeing if they can use them in writing a sentence to Smiley Fish to make him feel happy. For example "I think you are very kind".


After this I would like the children to have a look at the attached powerepoint - 'Under the Sea Measuring with Finley the Fish.' After they have been through the powerpoint I would like them to have a go at doing some measuring of their own. I would like them to go on a hunt to find things around the house or outside that may come from the beach or under the sea e.g. a toy boat, mermaid or toy fish / shark, a pebble, shells, fish fingers etc.
Can they then sort their items out from shortest to longest?
Once they have done this I would like them to have a go at measuring them using non-standard units. These are things they have that are all the same but not a measuring tape or ruler, like Finley used the pearls in the powerpoint.
Please watch the attached video for an example on this.


After this I would like the children to have a go at the x2 2do's I have added to Purple Mash. These relate to measuring shortest and tallest and longer and shorter.
Please note that if you have forgotten Purple Mash logins please do email me and I will provide your login details.


As I am now in School again from Monday to Thursday and my time online has been reduced Mrs Benney has very kindly said that she will be thinking of some ideas for daily challenges. So please look out for Mrs Benney's challenges during the week.


Kindest regards

Mr B

Smiley Shark

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Measuring 1

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Measuring 2

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