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Thursday 21st May

Dear Class R parents and carers,


Thank you for the continued engagement from so many of the children. Their work on our story 'Monkey Puzzle' has been excellent and it was great to see so many of them enjoying the work on camouflage yesterday.


I just wanted to add a brief note regarding home learning after half term. At present a number of Reception, Year 1, Year 6 and the children who have been attending for the past 7 weeks will be in school from the 1st June. I will therefore be in school all the time and will not be on a rota of being in for a week and then out of school for several weeks. I will still be setting work and adding videos, however I just wanted to give you some advanced warning that my responses to emails and Tapestry uploads will be a little more restricted than they have been. I will keep you all posted on what times I will be available to support home learning, when it has all become a little clearer.


Today I would like the children to begin by trying out the next two pages of the KS1 Maths book. The pages are attached to this upload. They again focus on addition and subtraction sums, which include the vocabulary of 'make', 'take', 'less', 'more' and 'total'.
Again please do not feel you have to print these pages off and instead just work on the answers on a blank piece of paper.


After this I would like your child to go through the attached powerpoint on camouflage. There are some tricky terms in there to think about and I of course do not expect them to have a clear understanding of the words, however there is some interesting information on the ways animals are camouflaged in their environment.
There are several challenges at the end of the powerpoint for the children to try, if they would like to.


Below is a short video clip to watch- Do baby animals look like their parents? - 


I would then like the children to watch the attached video of the story 'Does a Kangaroo have a Mother too?'
After watching the video I would like the children to select an animal they liked from the story. Draw a picture of the mother and baby and then write down what the name of the mother and baby is... they will need to listen carefully to the video to find out the names 😊


There are a few different things to do there and Mrs Wyman will be setting a challenge around lunchtime too.

Love Mr B

Does a Kangaroo Have a Mother Too?

Still image for this video