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Thursday 25th June

Dear Class R parents and carers,


Wow what a hot few days we have had and it has been lovely to see so many of you enjoying learning outdoors and I was particularly impressed with the pop up shops so many of you created yesterday.


Today is our final day of working on the story 'The Lighthouse Keeper's picnic', tomorrow we will be moving onto a new story.


This morning I would like the children to begin by thinking about using some exciting descriptive words in their writing. Mr Grinling describes Mrs Grinlings food as 'delicious and delectable'. Can the children think of other words that might be used to describe food? Can they think of a favourite meal of their's and write about that, for example 'My Mummy/Daddy makes the best Pizza, it is simply scrumptious'. Can they draw a picture of them eating a meal with their family. 


After this I have a bit of a larger challenge for the children to try.
As we have seen there are lots of books in this series. Could the children think about the list of characters they came up with earlier in the week and then think about adding them into a new story?
Of course it is not easy to try and come up with a whole new story and I don't want the children to feel overwhelmed by this. Therefore I would like them to try to add some pages to a made up story 'The Lighthouse Keepers New Job'. Can they come up with either a couple of pages for the story or alternatively create their own story map detailing some key moments in their story. 
Don't forget to think about the characters they would like in the story, what job or jobs is Mr Grinling trying, what naughty thing are the seagulls doing ?
The children could choose to write this on paper, use purple mash '2create a story' or even act out moments of the story themselves or using toys. They may even like to make their own character puppets and act out the story.


After this I would like the children to think about our work earlier in the week. We talked about village picnics and fete's. My challenge for the children today is to come up with their own fete game. Do they fancy a go at the coconut shy, hoop toss or hook a duck? I have attached a series of pictures and would like the children to get creative and come up with their own game for a village fete.


After this I have set a couple of 2do activities on Purple Mash for the children to try. These tasks follow on from yesterday's work on finding the right coins to pay.


Mrs Benney will be setting a challenge later this morning so please do look out for that.


Today promises to be another hot one. If you have the opportunity to spend some time outside please do so. As always I do not expect the children to complete every piece of work but rather find things that suit how they work and I would rather you left the work and enjoyed some time out in the sun 👒🌞🚰


Kindest regards

Mr B