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Thursday 26th March

Dear Class R parents and carers,

What a busy week we have had so far!
It has been remarkable to see so many different things happening in your homes. You should all feel extremely proud of yourselves and your truly amazing children.


Today I would like the children to have a go at pages 6 and 7 of their phonics book, looking at the 'o' sound. The children are all very familiar with this sound and how to write it too. I would like the children to come up with a list of words which contain the 'o' sound. Again they can either write these down, dictate it to yourselves or record a video of them saying all the words they can think of with an 'o' in.


I would also like the children to spend a bit of time either reading a favourite book, their school reading book or an ebook on Oxford Owl. However before they do this I would like them to create their very own reading den. This could be done by using an upturned box they have decorated, pinching a selection of bed sheets or using things they find in the garden or around the house. If you can photograph their den and send it to me on Tapestry or via email that would be great.


I have been very impressed with all the work I have seen so far on Mini Mash and, despite it being a bit tricky to navigate, I can see so many of you have been working on there with your children. Could you get the children to use Mini Mash - 'Drawing and Painting - 2 paint a picture' to create a picture of something they have enjoyed doing this week, whilst they have been at home. This does not have to be done on Mini Mash as they may choose to paint or draw a picture or simply record a video of them saying what they have enjoyed.


Another thing the children could try today is closing their eyes for 20 seconds (timed by an adult) and listen to all the different sounds they hear. They could do this inside, outside or both. I would like them to listen to all the different sounds they can hear e.g. birds, leaves rustling, cars, children playing etc. and then create a picture of what pops into their heads based on what they have heard. It could be quite literal e.g. they heard birds so they drew a picture of birds. However it may be more abstract and the sounds they heard provoked a feeling and they have created a picture based on that.


Today could you look at the EH4MH poster with your child and discuss number 2 with them "Do something you enjoy and are good at". Encourage your child to do something they enjoy or something they feel a sense of achievement at doing. Try doing the same with them and have a chat with your child e.g. doing (...) makes me feel happy because ...


I find at school one of the things that gets the most powerful response from the children is when I give them some information about myself e.g. an activity I enjoy etc. You may find by sharing this information with your child they find out something about you they weren't aware of.


Taking part in an activity we enjoy or get a sense of accomplishment from is important for strengthening positive mental health, for children and adults alike.


If you have any questions or queries then please do get in touch.

Kindest regards

Lee Bastyan