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Thursday 2nd July

Dear Class R parents and carers,

What another super day in school and at home from all our Class R children.
In school yesterday we had a special surprise for the children, the return of Mrs Benney to Class R. It was wonderful to see how excited the children were to see Mrs Benney and she was well and truly swamped by children when she was spotted this morning. Mrs Benney will be joining us in school for one day a week until the end of term and it is fantastic to welcome her back.


In other news unfortunately Miss Pearce is still unwell and will not be back in school this week. We are hoping she makes a very speedy recovery and can return fit and well before the end of term, as we really miss having her with us in school. For the foreseeable future Mrs Wyman and I will be in Class R, with Mrs Benney joining us once a week.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mrs Wyman, who since half term has been working every day of the week in school, in order to support the children in Class R. She is very much missed at pre-school but I would like to personally thank her for stepping in and supporting our children throughout the entire week.


This morning I would like the children to begin the day by watching the attached 'Transport Video Powerpoint'. The videos show three different types of transport. I would like the children to have a think about which mode of transport from the 3 they would most like to travel on and why. Can they write down their reasons or alternatively record a video of themselves explaining their reason.


After this I would like the children to go through the attached powerpoint 'What type of Transport'. This quiz gets them to consider whether particular vehicles are land, water or air transport. I would like the children to have a go at independently reading the questions and answers and see if they can work it out by themselves.


Following this I would like the children to consider our story 'Mrs Armitage on Wheels'. At the end of the story Mrs Armitage has a pair of roller skates on and says 'What these roller skates need is ...'
I would like the children to consider the first 3 pages of a follow up story about the roller skates. What would they add to the skates to help Mrs Armitage? What challenges would she need to overcome whilst in the skates? How would added inventions help her to over come these?
The children could choose to draw and write about this on paper or alternatively use purple mash / mini mash to help with their picture and writing. Don't forget finger spaces and also Mrs Armitage's repeated refrain "What these roller skates need is".


Next I would like the children to talk to their grownups or older sibling about how to stay safe near roads and after this perhaps they could come up with a poster that we could print out and put in Class R to help the younger children who will be joining the school in September. To help them with this activity I have attached the following link to BBC Bitesize - Road safety. To access this please follow the link -  At the bottom of this page is a game, where the children have a go at sorting the safe and unsafe places to cross the road in this game. Drag the safe places to cross the road to the green tick and the dangerous places to the red X


Following this I would like the children to have a go at the Addition and Subtraction 2do that I have added to Purple Mash.


Kindest regards

Mr B