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Thursday 4th June

Dear Class R parents and carers,

Thank you to all of you who sent me work yesterday. I was so impressed with everything that I received and I am really pleased at how excited everyone has been with our new topic 'under the sea'.


Today I would like the children to watch the attached video of 'Commotion in the Ocean'. I love this story and it includes some fantastic rhymes relating to under the sea creatures.


After watching the video I would like the children to select one of the creatures from the story, or their own choice of under the sea creature and have a go at coming up with their own rhyme for them. It would be great if they could draw a picture of the creature and write down their rhyme. However they may also choose to simply draw the picture and record them self saying the rhyme.


After they have done this could you watch the attached powerpoint of fish and jelly fish moving around their underwater habitat. What I really liked about these videos is the way in which the creatures move around in the sea. I would like the children to really focus on how they are moving and see if they can come up with a sentence about 2 different under the sea creatures of their choice and describe how they move. I would really like them to try to use some exciting words for example 'The Jelly fish glide and wiggle around the ocean'. They do not need to draw pictures to go alongside this, unless they really want to. Please remember finger spaces and full stops too.


After this I would like the children to watch the attached videos related to following directions. The first part focuses on left and right and then there is a game of 'Mr Bastyan Says'. I would like the children to have a go at following the directions. Please note that I do know my left and right but when facing the children I use my left for their right and vice versa so that they can follow it 😊.

Tomorrow we will be putting this to use by getting the children to design their own maze to navigate.


After this I would like the children to work on the next 9 set 2 red words on the attached video. As we have done previously can they try to write the words and then if they get stuck they can use the red words sheet to help them.


We will be setting a challenge around lunchtime today so please look out for that.

Kindest regards

Mr B

Commotion in the Ocean

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Left and Right

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Mr Bastyan says

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Red words

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