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Today's Challenge

Weekly Theme 13th July

 This Week's Theme is Nature

Suggested activities:

  • Make a collage from natural materials - you could look at the work of Andy Goldsworthy for inspiration
  • Draw something beautiful you see in nature
  • Photograph something you see in your outdoor environment
  • Make a 'potion' using flower petals or herbs. Please check with your parents before picking things in your garden.
  • How many types of minibeast live in your outdoor space?


Weekly Theme 6th July   -   Food  and Drink

Activities to try:

  • Try a new food everyday
  • Make a fruit smoothie
  • Make a savoury dish e.g. pizza
  • Make a healthy meal, focusing on the food groups we need to eat to stay healthy and avoiding or reducing those which are less good for us e.g. sugar and salt
  • Make and decorate a cake or biscuits - try reducing the sugar content a bit. Can you tell the difference?

Weekly Theme 29th June     -    The Seaside

Activities you could try:

Most importantly have fun!


Friday 26th June

No Thumbs Allowed

Do some everyday tasks without using your thumbs and find out how important they are and how much you use them.  To avoid temptation get your parent to tape your thumb down so you can’t move it or wear a pair of gloves but keep your thumb in the hand part. Some activities to try:

opening a door, using a phone, writing, tying shoelaces, catching a ball, holding a racket or bat using a knife, fork and spoon.

Thursday 25th June

Dressing up day! What clothes would you wear to; paddle on the beach, visit a snowy place, play in the mud, a wedding. Dress up for one or more of these occasions and take a photo or draw yourself dressed for each event.

Wednesday 24th June

Today's challenge is:

Design and make an animal mask.  The links below provide some ideas.



Printable animal masks

How to make animal masks

Mask crafts


Tuesday 23rd June

Today's challenge is a Home Pentathlon

Shuttle running

Target Throw

Standing Long jump

Vertical jump

Speed Bounce

Instructions for each event can be found here.

Can you improve with practise?  Let us know how you get on and add your distances to the Clyst to Cape challenge.


Monday 22nd June

Make your own musical instrument - see the links below for some ideas.  



Friday 19th June

Make a Father's Day card or a card for someone else who is special to you.

Thursday 18th June

Today's Challenge is an indoor scavenger hunt.  Have a go and see how inventive you can be. 

Wednesday 17th June

Time for some physical activity and fun today!  

Try at least 5 of the Youth Sport Trust  '60 Second Physical Activity Challenges'   These can be found on their website 

A selection of their activity cards are below. 


Tuesday 16th June

Remember a place that is special to you e.g. your grandparent's home, a play park or a holiday. Close your eyes and imagine it. Create a picture of your special place using paint, colouring pencils or felt tips.


     Take inspiration from the Cornish artist John Dyer.  His paintings are full of joy.

Monday 15th June

Today's challenge is: Design and model a fashion item from things you have at home e.g. a bin bag, using old clothing differently. 



Friday 12th June

Today's challenge is a Texture Scavenger Hunt. Five items in your house or garden that match each of these texture words: soft, hard, sticky, bouncy, bumpy, smooth, rough.  Can you find any other textures?

Thursday 11th June

Today you have the opportunity to create a self portrait or a portrait of a family member using pencils, paints or collage.  Look carefully at their face or use a mirror to look at your own; are your eyes near the top of your face, half way up or somewhere else?


You might find this video useful 



Wednesday 10th June


Today's challenge is a chance to focus on the positive things in your lives.  Cut out at least 5 paper hearts.Write something you're grateful for on each heart. Then display your hearts and add to them as you think of other things you're grateful for.


Tuesday 9th June


Today's challenge is to create a vegetable and/or fruit animal.



Monday 8th June

Design a postage stamp to commemorate lock down.


Friday 5th June

Friday's challenge is to save a seed from a piece of fruit you eat and plant it to see if it will grow. Don't forget tomatoes, cucumbers and avocados are fruit!


Thursday 4th June


Relax with play dough.  Make some play dough and have fun using it. Try adding vanilla or peppermint essence or a few drops of essential oil.

Wednesday 3rd June


Learn to skip (with a rope).  If you can already skip see how many of these ‘trick’ moves you can learn.

Tuesday 2nd June

Create a quiz, on a topic of your choice, for your family.


Monday 1st June

Make a marble run out of Lego or other materials.




Friday 22nd May

Today's challenge is to make up a dance routine to your favourite song. Don't forget to send us the videos!


Thursday 21st May

Today's challenge is to write a letter to someone you can't go and see due to lock down. 



Wednesday 20th May


Today's challenge is to build a balloon powered vehicle. 

Create a moving vehicle powered by nothing more than the air within a blown up balloon. Be as creative as you like when it comes to choosing a vehicle that travels across land or water, or through the air.




Tuesday 19th May


The Daler Rowney art challenge

Can you paint us a picture … with a piece of string?

All you need is string, scissors, paint, paper or canvas. Cut some lengths of string, dip them in different coloured paints and drag them across your paper. If you need some inspiration, have a look at the tutorial in the link below. You don’t have to use acrylic paints.



Details of the competition are here:


The tutorial is here:

Monday 18th May

Today's challenge is to collect a household item for each letter of the alphabet - I look forward to your inventive solutions for q, x and z!


Friday 15th May

Find as many different pieces of Lego as you can and design and build a useful tool that will help make life easier in some way. 


Thursday 14th May

What is the tallest tower you can build from 6 sheets of newspaper or paper? Can your tower support the weight of a small toy? 

Send us your photos


Wednesday 13th May

Today's challenge is to design a bookmark for a book you've recently read (or listened to) or your favourite book. If you would like to you can enter your bookmark in the competition in the Flyer below.


Tuesday 12th May

Today's challenge is taken from a competition being run by Devon Youth Parliament for children aged  0 -18! They have asked children to design a circular logo or a poster to promote their 'Greener Devon' campaign.  Please see the flyer below for further information.



Monday 11th May

Today's challenge involves making use of the windy weather by making a kite.

Thursday 7th May

Prepare food for your VE Day Party



Wednesday 6th May

Learn to sing 'We'll Meet Again'


Tuesday 5th May

Make party hats for your VE Day party 


Monday 4th May

Today's activity is to make bunting to decorate you home or garden for VE Day on Friday. 

Friday 1st May

What can you do in a minute? i.e.  how many jumps, how many skips, how many times can you write your name, how many star jumps, how many times can you bounce a ball.

Thursday 30th April

Happy 100th Birthday Captain Tom! 


Today's challenge is a Scavenger Hunt for items beginning with the letter C. Stoke Canon are looking for items beginning with the letter S. I wonder who will find most? 

Wednesday 29th April

Be creative and make something out of a cardboard box (e.g. cereal box, tissue box, egg box, shoe box etc). You could use the box as it is or flatten it out and use the resulting sheet of card.

A few ideas!



Tuesday 28th April

Your mission today is to support the 'Window Walk of Solidarity' by Drawing a Spaceman and Writing his Mission Statement on How to Travel Past Your  Home - see the document below

Monday 27th April 


Make a 100th birthday card for Captain Tom Moore.  Captain Tom Moore has been raising money for the NHS by walking up and down his garden.  If your parents are willing they can post  a photo of your card on social media (e.g. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) using the hashtag #makeacardfortom. Send us a photo too!


Sunday 26th April


Take part in the 2.6 challenge

Friday 24th April

Today's challenge is to build a model boat or raft and test that it floats .


Thursday 23rd April

Create an Exercise Course - ideally outside in the sunshine. Watch this video for some ideas.

Exercise Challenge

Still image for this video

Wednesday 22nd April

Your challenge today is to make an elephant (or a whole herd) using empty, plastic milk bottles. 

The instruction sheet is below


Tuesday 21st April

The fun today is to draw or dress up as your favourite book character.

Monday 20th April

How many different green items can you collect from around your home and garden?


Friday 17th April

Draw a picture of someone famous so that other people can have a go at guessing who they are.  Exaggerate a particular feature for which they're known or add some other clue so we know what they're famous for.  

Thursday 16th April

Build a house for your teddy bear or favourite soft toy.


Wednesday 15th April

Find something for every colour of the rainbow in your garden or house. 


Tuesday 14th April

April is National pet month so we would like you to draw a picture or take a photo of your pet and send them to us.  If you don't have a pet draw a picture of the pet you would most like to have.

Thursday 9th April

Let's go on a minibeast hunt!  How many different types of minibeasts can you find in your garden? I wonder who will find the most? When you've finished hunting you could build them a bug hotel.

Wednesday 8th April

Create an Indoor Obstacle Course - have fun!

Tuesday 7th April

Today's challenge is to create a family tree using thumbprints.  Draw a tree and add a leaf thumbprint for each family member.

Monday 6th April

Your mission today is to design a Tree House and then use materials of your choice to build a model of it.  Have fun and enjoy the sunshine.

Friday 3rd April

Friday's challenge is to cook something with your family and then send us your photos and recipe if you'd like to!





Thursday 2nd April

Today's challenge is to hard boil an egg and then decorate it for Easter.



Wednesday 1st April

Have fun making a photo collage of your family or something you like.

Tuesday 31st March 

Today's challenge is a Scavenger Hunt - see the list below.  Have fun and send in your photos of your scavenged items.

Monday 30th March

Your challenge for today is to design an Easter card.  If you would like to make a 3D card see the video instructions on the Class 3 page  We look forward to seeing all your lovely photos.

Friday 27th March

The last challenge of this week is to build a den - indoors or outdoors and then send us your photos.

Have a good weekend

Spring tulips

Thursday 26th March

Today' we'd like you to draw us a picture of 'happiness'

Wednesday 25th March

Today's challenge is to make a model from recycled materials. 

Tuesday 24th March

Record yourself, photos or video, singing a well known Disney Song e.g. Let It Go, Bare Necessities 

Monday 23rd March

Your challenge today is to make a face out of household objects.  

Good luck!