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Friday 27th March

Good morning class 1! 


Well it has been a week since we have all had to settle into this new way of teaching/learning and I would like to say a big thank you to all of you (and your parents!) for all the hard work you have done this week. It has been lovely seeing your photos and reading about what you have been up to. Fingers crossed this weather keeps up and enjoy a nice rest over the Easter Holidays. Below are some suggested activities for the children to choose from for today:


Purplemash - catch up on any '2do's' you may not have completed or been on yet. 


Complete 1 page from each of the workbooks; phonics, comprehension and maths. 


Read a story to your parents or older sibling. What was your favourite bit? Teach them how to play 'fastest finger'. 


Butterfly symmetry art - All you need is paint and some paper. Cut out a butterfly shape. Splodge paint on one half of your paper and fold it in half so the paint spreads on both sides. Carefully open it up to reveal a beautiful butterfly. It's a great way to teach about how butterfly wings are symmetrical. Once dry, your butterfly will make a cheerful decoration for your home. Or you could even turn it into a card to send to a grandparent/friend you won't see for a while.

Writing - write a letter to me. You could write about some of the activities you have done this week, which were your favourite? Have you done anything else this week you would like to tell me about? Remember to start your letter off with Dear Mrs Gornall... and think carefully about your capital letters, full stops, finger spaces and letter formation. Sound out each word carefully and you could use your tricky word spelling sheet to help you. You can use your blue writing books to record your letter and then draw a picture in the box of your favourite thing you did this week. Send in a photo of your letter so I can read about what you have been up to! 


Have a lovely day and enjoy the sunshine! 


Mrs Gornall 

Thursday 26th March


Good morning class 1, it is another lovely sunny day, I hope you are managing to enjoy the sunshine out in your gardens. Below are a list of suggested activities for today. I look forward to seeing any photos.


9.00am - the body coach TV on Youtube, live P.E session with Joe Wicks 

Can you come up with some sports day races in your garden? Or design an obstacle course?  


10.00am - Rob Biddulph's live 'draw along' session. He talks through with the children how to draw some of his characters etc and the children can have a go at drawing each stage as they follow the video. His website is:

and you can find the live session on youtube:

There are already lots of great videos up that children can also have a go at drawing along to. 


Science - carrying on with our minibeast theme of the week, watch the Youtube video and then have a go at the lifecycle of a butterfly activity on Purplemash. 


Handwriting/phonics - practise spelling some of the phase 2-5 'tricky' words from your sheet using your pre-cursive letter formation in your blue workbooks.You could see how many times you can write the word in 1 minute.  Complete 1 page from the phonics workbook. Explore the Phonicsplay website. 


Maths - activities set on Purplemash, 1 page from your workbook. 


Have a lovely day! 


Mrs Gornall 

Wednesday 25th March


Good morning class 1!


Thank you for sending in photos and videos of your work, I really enjoyed watching the daily challenge from yesterday, now up on the school website. Please find below a list of suggested activities for today. Enjoy the sunshine!


Art - To mix things up and make the most of this lovely weather put the pencils and crayons to one side and look for natural art materials instead. Collect fallen leaves, petals and sticks and use them to make a picture or sculpture.

You could even use the objects as 'stampers' or paintbrushes - dipping them in paint and rolling, brushing or stamping them on paper to create interesting patterns and effects. Remember you can email in any pictures you would like me to see.

11.00 am - the national marine aquarium are posting a live feed to their Atlanatic ocean tank whilst they feed the animals, you can watch it by liking their facebook page (national marine aquarium) and you will receive a notification when it goes live. The video will then be posted on their Youtube channel, already on Youtube is a video of them feeding the rockpool tank.

Handwriting/phonics - Letterjoin, practise some letter formation from the section 'easy letters' and play phonics match (found under phonics tab) phase 3 and 5, complete 1 page from the phonics workbook. 


Science/Writing - Purplemash activity 'minibeast vocab', following on from your scavenger hunts and bug hotel building have a go at describing some minibeasts. In class we have been looking at using adjectives and thinking of interesting describing words. 


Spelling- Purplemash activity '2do quiz' focusing on ay and oy special friends. 


Reading - 1 page from the comprehension workbook, read a book to your parents, choose a bedtime story. 


Maths - Purplemash activities set, 1 page from the workbook, Doodle maths as extra. 


Have a lovely day!


Mrs Gornall

Tuesday 24th March 


Good morning class 1!

I hope you had a lovely day yesterday, it was great to see some of your photos from your scavenger hunt and brilliant bug hotels! Feel free to continue or start your scavenger hunt or bug hotel today. Please find below a list of activities, and where to find them, that you can access today. Once again please do not feel you have to complete all the activities set in one day!


Maths - Purplemash activities have been set, Purplemash games, or 1 page from workbook (or both!). 

Phonics/reading - 1 page from the workbook, Purplemash activity if not already completed or go to, click on the phase 5 tab and have a go at playing the 'tricky word trucks' game, you can choose a level that suits your child working up from phase 2 (reception words) to phase 5 (year 1 words). Choose a book to read to an older sibling or parent, what was your favourite part of the book? Teach your parents or siblings how to play 'fastest finger' (ask a question about something that's happening on a page of the book and then you have to be the quickest to point to the answer which could be a word or picture) for example: who was Goldilocks going to see? (find and point to the word grandma). 


Topic - transport activities set on Purplemash. 


9.00 am - the body coach TV on Youtube, live P.E session with Joe Wicks 


10.00am - Rob Biddulph a well known children's author and illustrator has decided to start posting some live 'draw along' sessions. He talks through with the children how to draw some of his characters etc and the children can have a go at drawing each stage as they follow the video. His website is: and you can find the live session on Youtube:

There are already lots of great videos up that children can also have a go at drawing along to. 


Remember to send in any of your lovely drawings, pictures of you hard at work or having a go at Joe Wick's workout and enjoy another lovely sunny day!


Mrs Gornall 

Monday 23rd March

Good morning Class 1!

I have set some activities on Purplemash and written a blog post (in Purplemash) to the children with some more information. As a daily structure I would suggest trying to complete 1/2 pages from 1 of the workbooks sent home, some daily handwriting practise using letter join and the blue workbooks to practise formation and pencil grip, spelling practise using Purplemash activities and the list of keywords sent home, some daily phonics using either the website Phonics Play, Letterjoin or the activity set on Purplemash and of course as much reading as possible! Purplemash will have some daily math activities set which you can do alongside Doodlemaths and the maths workbook. As stated before the expectation for year 1 children is approximately 2 hours a day so I would suggest breaking it up into 15 minute chunks:

approx 1 hour:





Then for the other hour children can complete the other games/activities set on Purplemash including topic work/science/art, create artwork, exercise or have a go at the daily challenge. This is a suggested timetable of the day, please do not feel the children have to complete all activities and of course this will have to fit in with your daily schedules. 

Today's activity is making the most of the sunshine! Please find attached a scavenger hunt and minibeast checklist. Go out into the garden and see which things from the scavenger hunt you can find! Then see if you can build a bug hotel to attract more minibeasts to your garden. Wait for a few days and then use the minibeast checklist to see if you can find any more bugs!

Remember you can email in any pictures of the things you find or the bug hotels you have created, I look forward to seeing them!

Mrs Gornall