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Tuesday 12th May

Dear Class R parents and carers,


Thank you for all the submitted work yesterday. You are continuing to support your children with patience, kindness and enthusiasm. It is wonderful to see how much the children are all enjoying the things they are doing with you at home.


There has been a lot of talk, speculation and uncertainty out there over the past two months and this has only intensified over the past two days. At present I have no idea how things will look moving forward and what the 1st June will bring. Until we are provided with further clarity we will continue to operate in the same way we have been since the schools closed. However this uncertainty is no doubt going to have an affect on all of us so please, now more than ever, keep in contact with either myself, other members of the Class R team or each other. If you know someone is finding it difficult please do check in and let them know that people are there for them. I have been touched by the support shown by the Clyst St. Mary community and it is essential we continue to support each other, whether we are at home or 'back to school' in the coming weeks and months.


Today we are going to spend a bit of time focusing on parts of the body. I would like the children to begin by drawing their own human body. They may choose to use chalks, pens, pencils, paper etc. to draw around themselves or they may want to draw a smaller version (please see attached 'my body sheets')
I would like them to draw as much detail on them as they can e.g. hair, eye colour, eyebrows, finger nails etc. If they can have a go at labelling them too, like the attached worksheets, that would be fantastic.


After this I would like them to come up with their own version of 'heads, shoulders, knees and toes'. However I would like them to come up with different parts of the body to name. Please see attached video for an example.


After this I would like the children to watch the attached flashcards video. Rather than creating 3 separate videos covering sets 1, 2 and 3. I have made just one video which includes a range of sounds from all three sets. I have done this because lots of the children have begun to recognise sounds from the various sets and I have named them all at the end. So if they are not sure of the sounds that is fine because they can watch to the end and I have pronounced them for them. I feel it is a way of reminding them of the work we have been doing in phonics.


After this can they work on the next pages of their phonics books 36 - 39. These pages focus on 'f' and 'l'. Once they have done this I would like them to come up with some alliteration, using words beginning with these sounds.
For example 'fat Fred', 'long leg', 'Leo lion', 'What a luscious, lovely, lollipop' etc.

There are a few things to be getting on with there and I will be adding a challenge around lunchtime.


*Please note that I will be setting work as normal on Wednesday morning. However I will not be around in the morning but will be back online by lunchtime and will be available for support all afternoon if required.


Kindest regards

Mr B

Phonics flashcards Part 1

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Phonics Flashcards - Part 2

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My Body picture

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Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

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