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Tuesday 16th June

Dear Class R parents and carers,

What a super start to the week with so many of you taking part in an array of activities yesterday. It looks as though lots of you enjoyed the story 'The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch' 😊


This morning I would like the children to begin by thinking about Mr Grinling's lighthouse and the ones we saw in the video yesterday - 'Robert Stevenson and the Lighthouse Stevensons' on BBC Bitesize -  I would then like the children to create their own lighthouse. It will need to have somewhere for the light, a front door, windows and rooms. The children may choose to draw or paint their lighthouse, build it out of lego or duplo, junk modelling etc. Mr Grinling's lighthouse was red and white, however their lighthouse can be whichever colour they like. I cannot wait to see what the children come up with!


In the story Mrs Grinling made mustard sandwiches to scare away the seagulls. If you were making a 'disgusting sandwich' what ingredients would you use to create your sandwich? Can the children write a shopping list of ingredients and then draw a picture of their completed sandwich? I would love to see the children use a range of exciting descriptive words and some alliteration too if they are feeling creative 😉 e.g. 'crusty cheese', 'manky, mouldy, melon' etc.


In the story Hamish the cat felt very scared about going in the basket 🙀 . What could you do to make Hamish feel better? You could either write this down or alternatively you may like to try acting out and recording what you would do to make him feel better.


In Maths today I would like the children to try the below activity -
Find your child's 1-100 grid and before they use it could you cover three numbers on each line with a post it note, masking /coloured tape etc, so they cannot see it.
After this show your child the grid and get them to put a counter or small coin on number 1 and they then roll a dice. They move their counter on that number of spaces. If they land on an empty square, they say the missing number to earn one 'point' and if they can write the number correctly they earn a bonus point. If you are able to play this game with them then take it in turns and see who has the most points at the end.
*Please note that you may choose to get your child to make a larger 1 - 100 number grid as the ones in their pack are a little small.*


I have also added a 2do to your child's Purple Mash account working on sequencing numbers between 1 and 100. Please note that this is a bit of a tricky activity so please do not worry if you have to support your child when working through this.


Mrs Benney will be setting a challenge later so please do try to do this at some point during the day.


Kindest regards

Mr B