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Tuesday 24th March

Dear Class R parents and carers,

Thank you again for all your support during this period.

So we embark on day two of learning at home. I was so impressed with all the lovely things I could see being done yesterday with so many families.

Due to the issues with Mini Mash yesterday I am suggesting using mini mash for a drawing and writing exercise today. From the main mini mash screen select 'Reading and Writing' - '2create a story' - 'My simple story'
I would then like the children to select 4 characters from the bad tempered ladybird. Draw a picture and then use their phonics knowledge to name each character. In each child's tray I have saved a sample I quickly jotted down yesterday evening, however I am sure the children will show far more artistic flair than I can.

Today I would like them to work on their phonics book from pages 2 through to 5. Once they have finished this I would like them to come up with as many words as they can think of which contain 'g'. They can then either tell you the words, write them down in a list or draw a picture of the different things they think of containing the 'g' sound.

Other activities for today that I would like the children to try is logging onto 'Oxford Owl' to read a story with a parent or sibling.

If you can continue to look at doodle maths and work through a set of activities. This does not need to be more than around 15 - 30 minutes, as I am conscious that the children do not spend too much time online.

For an active activity I would like the children to go on a colour hunt where they look for as many items they can find of different colours e.g. green = leaves, brown = soil, purple = flowers etc. They can either record this by writing it down on a list or alternatively they could take pictures or a video of what they have found.

Mrs Wyman will set her daily challenge later in the day, alongside the school challenge that will be set by Mrs Hocking.

There are quite a few things there. Please don’t feel you have to do every single one. I am keen to ensure there is a mix of activities for you to choose from and do not expect all things to be done in a day. I am simply adding a few different things so you can choose which best suits what you are doing that day and the time you may have.

All these activities can always carry over to other days too and the last thing I want is yourselves and your child to feel overwhelmed by feeling they have to be done.

Again if you have any issues with any of the apps or need further guidance with the activities for the day please do let me know as I will be manning the emails all morning.

Kindest regards

Lee Bastyan