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Tuesday 28th April

Dear Class R parents and carers,

Thank you for all the updates yesterday. I absolutely loved all the pictures and videos that came through. The spiders webs I saw were amazing.


Also well done on the maths sharing activity. I know this was quite a tricky concept for the children but they all did fantastically well and well done to all of you too. I saw some great videos of you working with your children and supporting them with this and describing the vocabulary of 'sharing', 'fairly' and 'equal'.


Today I would like the children to work on their phonics book, pages 24 to 27. The first two pages focus on 'r' and the next two focus on spelling. Please remember when it says 'robot talk' we call it Fred talk, as part of Read, Write Inc.


Following on from this I would like the children to use their phonics spelling skills to support a writing exercise relating to our story 'The Very Busy Spider'. Can the children select a minimum of four of the animals from the story, draw a picture and then write a description about them. I would like the children to think of exciting descriptive words to add to their descriptions. For example rather than saying "The horse has four legs and a tail". They could say "The horse has four long legs and a bushy tail". Please see the attached picture titled 'My Body' for examples of words they may use in their writing.
They could either do this in a notebook, on paper or using Mini - Mash - 2Create a story.


I would then like the children come up with their own mini-beast themed fine motor activity. Similar to the types of activities we often have set up in class R. They need to create something that can represent the insects they are collecting and a way of making their challenge tricky. They may also need to borrow some tongs or tweezers to help them. I have attached some pictures to give you some ideas. The more creative the better 😊


I look forward to seeing your photos and videos during the day. Please keep an eye out for today's challenge around lunch time.


Kindest regards

Mr B