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Tuesday 30th June

Dear Class R parents and carers,

What a super start to the week! It was great to see how much the children enjoyed our latest story 'Mrs Armitage on Wheels'. This proved to be popular both in school and at home.

Over the coming days we are going to continue to work on this book and explore a variety of writing and creative activities.


I was also extremely pleased to see that so many children created their own 10 to 20 touch and feel numbers and then enjoyed playing games with their family.


I am really pleased to report that the children in school yesterday clocked up another 2.2 miles for the Clyst to Cape Challenge. The children enjoyed undertaking this activity on Mrs Allen's Scooterboards in the hall and had a great time with Mrs Wyman.


Please note that as a school we are doing a fantastic job of covering the miles and it is testament to the community spirit we have at the school! If you have any queries about how to take part or sponsor/donate please do let me know and I can provide further details.


This morning I would like the children to begin the day by watching the following clip 'Why were streets quieter during World War One?' on BBC Bitesize -  Can the children then write a list (on paper or on Purple Mash) of all the different types of transport they remember hearing about and seeing in the video.

Following this I would like the children to draw a picture and write about somewhere they would go if they rode their own horse, like some people did in the early 1900's. There is quite a bit of writing today so if they would prefer then they could choose to draw a picture and record a video of themselves explaining their invention.


Next I would like the children to think again about our story 'Mrs Armitage on Wheels'. If they were to add another invention to her bike what would they choose and why. Mrs Armitage came up with some fantastic ideas, although things didn't end very well. What can the children think of to add to the bike to help Mrs Armitage? I would like the children to draw a picture of this invention and write a brief sentence explaining what it is.


Following this I would like the children have a go at the following activity - Can the children create their own 0 to 20 number track (large number line). Next they need to amend a dice so that it has +1, +2, +3, -1, -2, and -3 on its faces. They may choose to make a dice from cardboard or alternatively use sticky labels etc to change the faces (they may need some help with this.
They then need to put a counter or toy on number 10 on their track. They roll the dice and they predict where they will land. If correct, they move their counter there. To win the game they need to get to 1 or 20. This game would be better played with 2 people, if you are able to assist them with this.


There is a lot to be getting on with there so I wont be adding a Purple Mash activity to the 2do's today. However if the children have finished and would like something else to do it would be great if they could have a go at using letterjoin again.


Kindest regards

Mr B