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Tuesday 5th May

Dear Class R parents and carers,

Thank you for all the lovely work that was sent through yesterday. It was fantastic to see that so many of the children seemed to enjoy the work on capacity.


Today I would like the children to continue working on capacity and today they won't be sorting out containers based on being full, half full, empty etc. Instead I would like them to do a bit of measuring out of amounts. For this they will not be using measuring jugs but a cup and their bottles/containers. Please see the attached video for an example of what I would like them to do.


I have also attached a rough picture I drew of empty bottles. I would like the children to do a similar thing of drawing the 'empty bottles and then colouring them in at the correct points e.g. empty, nearly empty, half full, nearly full and full. Please see the picture for an idea of what they need to do. They can either use paints, pencils, pens, chalk, coloured tissue paper or they may even decide to use mini - mash. It would be great if they could label each one too.


I would also like the children to do some more work on 'The Very Lonely Firefly' story. I would like them to select something that the firefly might spot when he is flying around at night. The story covers many things already like fireworks, car lights, torches, a candle etc. I would therefore like them to come up with their own idea and draw and write about it. They may choose to use some of the things they found on their 'light hunt' today.
The children did a fantastic job of using descriptive language in their writing about the animals in 'The Very Busy Spider' work so I would like them to think of some 'exciting' words to use in their writing today. For example they may say "The firefly saw a light and flew toward it. But it was not another firefly. It was alexa flashing in the night.".
The children could choose to do this on paper or by using mini-mash.


If you find they have time to try another activity could they work on pages 28 to 31 of their phonics book. These pages focus on 'h' and 'writing captions'. Once they have done these pages can they try writing some words including the 'h' sound. This could be any of the following sounds we have looked at, taken from 'h', 'ch', 'th', 'sh' and 'igh'. If they can use them in captions that would be even better.


There are a few things to be getting on with there and I look forward to seeing the children's work throughout the day.


I will be setting a challenge around lunchtime so look out for that.


Kindest regards

Mr B

Maths - Capacity

Still image for this video