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Wednesday 15th April

Dear Class R parents and carers,


It was lovely to see all the amazing videos, pictures, writing and photos that were uploaded to Tapestry throughout the day yesterday, as well as the pictures that were sent to Mrs Hocking for the schools daily challenge.


It is still very strange to not be all together in Class R but it is great to see so many people engaging with a range of activities. It really does help us to feel a bit more connected to everyone.

It looks like we are going to have another day of fantastic sunshine, which really does help by allowing us to spend more time outside.


We will be continuing our work on 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' throughout the week and I will be looking to add actions to the story in the coming days, for the children to practice and help us all to remember the story.


Today I would like the children to have a go at pages 8 to 11 of their phonics book, looking at the 'c' sound and captions with 'and'. The children are all very familiar with this sound and how to write it too. I would like the children to come up with a list of words which contain the 'c' sound. Again they can either write these down, dictate it to yourselves or record a video of them saying all the words they can think of with an 'c' in. If they can also come up with a range of sentences to include 'and', for example "I like fish and chips", "I have brown hair and brown eyes" etc. If the children can try to write the sentences using their phonics knowledge that would be fantastic, however they may also require some support with this activity. Don't forget finger spaces!


If the children did not get the opportunity to try our challenge yesterday, of coming up with their own days of the week song, then it would be lovely if they could try this today.


I would also like the children to go on a hunt around the house to see how many clocks, watches and devices that tell the time, they can find. These can be both analogue and digital. They can either draw a picture of the ones they find or photograph / video them. 


After this I would like the children to try making their own analogue clock face. They can either do this using pens and paper / card, mini-mash - 2paint a picture, paints, chalks or they could even try creating their own large clock face outdoors... the more creative the better.
You can visit which has an analogue clock that the children can look at and explore, it may be useful when creating their own clock.


Please note that some people are having a few issues with Doodle Maths. If you are experiencing any problems at all please do let me know as I am currently working closely with Doodle Maths reps to try an resolve these issues.


Mrs Wyman will be in school today and I will be working from home. Therefore I will be available throughout the day to assist with anything so please do email me if you need any support or ideas.


I will also be posting today's challenge to Tapestry at around lunch time, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Kindest regards

Mr B