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Wednesday 15th July

Dear Class R parents and carers,

We had another super day in Class R yesterday, both in school and at home. I really enjoyed reading and seeing all the pictures and writing that the children created, describing their imagined view from a window of a train, or another mode of transport.
Well done to all those children who also worked through their purple mash 2do's. I am really pleased that so many of the children have such a strong grasp of the vocabulary being used and have worked through these activities really well. The children in school have also done a super job of working through these. One thing I have reminded them to do is to make sure they carefully listen and consider the question before answering; as a few of them knew the answers when they took the time to think through the question. Remember don't rush and make sure you are certain what the question is asking.


Today I would like the children to begin the day by watching the attached speed sounds video. Please note that at the end there is another activity like yesterday's where I would like the children to listen to the word, rehearse the word, count the Fred fingers and then write out the word.


Following this I would like the children to go through the attached powerpoint 'History of Trains'.
Once they have done this this I would like the children to write down four things that they remember from the powerpoint, which they found interesting.
*Please note that the links on the powerpoint take you to videos of trains in action. However they are extremely long. It is more just an opportunity to have a brief look at some of the trains. Please do not think you need to watch the whole video!


After this I would like the children to consider the different types of train in the powerpoint and our story from yesterday 'The Train Ride'. I would like the children to imagine they could create their own train. What would it look like? What would it be able to do? Can the children draw or paint a picture of their train and write down a brief description of what the train can do?


Following this I would like the children to try the 2do 'Certain to Impossible'. This is a continuation of the work the children have done over the past two days on probability.


Please look out for Mrs Benney's challenge following shortly.


Kindest regards

Mr B

Super Speedy Sounds

Still image for this video