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Wednesday 20th May

Dear Class R Parents and Carers,


What a fantastic week we have had so far. The engagement from so many of the children has been great and it has been wonderful to see the continued progress they are making with their number and letter formation!


Today I would like the children to continue to work on our story of the week 'Monkey Puzzle'.


Everyone has been doing a brilliant job on their writing recently and I would like the children to have think about the animals in the book and the patterns and textures on their bodies. For example 'The elephant has soft, wrinkly, grey skin' or 'The parrot has bright, long and fluffy feathers'.
Can they select 3 of the animals from the book, draw a picture of their chosen animals and write a description about their appearance. I am looking for the children to use exciting words in their descriptions and don't forget those finger spaces too.


Following this I would like the children to spend a bit of time considering the idea of camouflage.
Many animals are specific colours or can even change colour dependent on their environment. I would like the children to watch the following clip on BBC Bitesize about 'Camouflaged animals in the jungle' -


Attached are a number of pictures of camouflaged animals for the children to look at too. I have also provided a link below to access a selection of Camouflaged animal puzzles.
To find this please follow the link -
Go to 'sign in' and enter the code - 


After this I would like the children to consider why it is that animals may camouflage themselves? What reasons do they have to need to remain hidden? Why do big, strong, fast animals with sharp teeth also camouflage themselves? It would be great if they could discuss this with you and if they could write down some of their ideas that would be fantastic. However please do not worry if they don't fancy doing that as the main thing I want them to do is have a discussion about it.


Having spent some time thinking about camouflage I would then like them to have a go at it themselves. They may choose to camouflage one of their toys or teddies or perhaps they may consider camouflaging themselves. They will need to think about how they will blend in with their background, as throwing a blanket over their head may not be enough to truly remain hidden. I would love to see what they come up with and how creative they can be.


There is a lot to be getting on with there so I will not be asking them to work on any specific sections of their books today.


However if they do have time I would like them to have a go at the following Jack Hartman video
This focuses on counting in 2's to 100. Once they have done this perhaps they could look at their 100 grid or their 0 to 20 number lines from last week and have a look at counting from 0 to 20 in 2's.
I will be doing more on this in the coming days so do not worry about doing to much, it is simply about introducing the idea to the children and we can build on it from there.


Please look out for Mrs Wyman's challenge around lunchtime as I really enjoy seeing what you have managed to do when taking on these challenges.

Love Mr B