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Wednesday 22nd April

Dear Class R parents and carers,


What another gorgeous day it was yesterday. Despite everything going on at the moment we are being treated to some fantastic weather.


Thank you again to all those families that responded to the daily activities with photos and videos yesterday. It really is helping us to feel connected to everyone.


Thank you too to Mrs Trott, Miss Borlase and Mrs Wyman for responding to the Tapestry observations throughout the day. I would like to also offer a big thank you to Mrs Benney, who is in school with me this week. It was lovely to see you yesterday and I am looking forward to working with you in school for the remainder of the week.


Today I would like the children to work on the next two pages of their Maths book - pages 18 - 19.
These pages focus on halving, which is essentially the opposite of what we looked at on Monday with doubling.
This is quite a tricky concept for the children to get their head around and don't be surprised if it takes a bit of time. Please see the attached videos for some examples I have prepared to show the children halving food and also halving a group of objects. It is of course a form of fairly sharing things out but they need to be aware that it is not sharing with Mummy, Daddy, themselves and their sibling etc. It is purely sharing between 2.


Once they have watched the video and had a go at their workbook I would like them to try the attached sheet - 'Solving Problems - Halving'. There is also an online game -  (select halves to 10) This is a bit of tricky game and is timed, however some of the children may like to try it, with your support. I would however suggest having some 'counting resources' to hand to support their halving.

It would also be really good if they tried a few of their own e.g. having two plates, bowls or hoops and halving a selection of matching items. If they could photograph or video this that would be great.


Today we will be continuing our work on 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'. The children have done so many wonderful things related to this text and have shown me that they know the story very well. I would therefore like the children to have a go at rewriting the story. I would like them to change aspects of the story but still have it spanning over 7 days. For example it could be about a 'kitten' instead of the Caterpillar and on Monday it plays with a ball of wool, on Tuesday it chased the neighbours cat etc. There is a lot to think about with rewriting a story and I would not expect them to finish it all in a day. Therefore they may like to do 1 or 2 pages today and we can continue with this throughout the remainder of the week.
    Their story can be done on paper or they can use mini-mash - 2 create a story. If they can write about what is happening on each page that would be fantastic but understandably they will need some support with this. Alternatively they may choose to paint or draw pictures and explain their story via video.

This is quite a big task to undertake so please do not worry if you do not get around to this today, as we can carry on over subsequent days.


Mrs Wyman will be adding a challenge around lunchtime so look out for that. I am in school so will be aiming to reply to emails etc. where possible but may take a bit of time.


Kindest regards

Mr B

Halving - Video 1

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Halving - Video 2

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Halving - Video 3

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Halving - Video 4

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