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Wednesday 25th March

Dear Class R parents and carers,

It is wonderful Wednesday and fingers crossed we are set for another lovely day of sunshine.

Again I am so pleased with all the lovely work I have seen over the past few days.
As ever please do not feel you have to complete all the things I set in a day. I am simply trying to provide a range of ideas that suit the interests and needs of the children. The last thing I want is for anyone to feel pressure to complete everything that is set.

Today I would like the children to have a go at pages 4, 5 and 6 on their 'number work book'. If you are able to spend a bit of time practising number formation with them too that would be fantastic. It is very common for children of this age to revert to getting their numbers around the wrong way. If you can model back the correct way to write the number and get them to try it again that would be great. However don't be surprised if the next time they do it they are the wrong way around again. That is common and continues as they move through the year groups at school.

Following on from this I would like the children to go around the house / garden on a number hunt to see what numbers they can find. These could be on magazines, books, food packets, toys etc.If they can write down the numbers they spot and what they find it on e.g. 2 - magazine, 3 - side of baked bean tin etc. Alternatively they could record what they find on a camera/phone or tablet.

Many of the children have also been following the Joe Wickes active sessions or other wake and shake activities. Today I would like the children to come up with their own 'dance' for someone at home to follow. They may want to do it to music or simply tell people the moves they want to do. If you are able to film this and share it with us on Tapestry that would be fantastic. However please do not feel you have to video; a photo or a note via email or on Tapestry would be great too.

I will not be in school after today so Rainbow will be coming home with me. Rainbow is missing all the children and is looking forward to seeing them again as soon as possible. I will be adding pics of Rainbows adventures at the Bastyan household in the coming days.

Therefore I would like the children to use Mini Mash Drawing and painting - 2 paint a picture - to draw a picture of Rainbow doing something e.g. reading a book, going for a walk, eating tea etc. Ideally they need to be ideas that we can try to do during Rainbows visit. Sadly this means swimming, going to Crealy or a trip to town are not currently possible.

This is something you could discuss whilst they are creating their picture. This current situation is happening around the children and they have even less understanding of why it is and the implications than we do. I am not suggesting you have a conversation that worries or scares them but it is also important to acknowledge that there are some things we cannot currently do and that this affects all of us, including Rainbow. You may find it opens a brief conversation with the children whereby they share some of their feelings and ask questions. Again it is not my aim to worry the children but simply a way of acknowledging that 'elephant in the room' and sharing that even we as adults may be worried, uncertain or don't have the answers.
This is a time where a great many areas of all our lives are being affected and it is important we look after our mental health as well as our physical health. Finding opportunities to talk is more important now than ever. As such if anyone needs to make contact in the coming weeks please do email me and I am available and will be continuing to check my emails throughout the 'Easter holiday'.

During the afternoon Mrs Wyman will be adding her daily challenge so look out for that, as well as Mrs Hocking's.

As always I will be checking my emails throughout the day today and will aim to respond asap, however we have further reduced the number of staff in school so bear with me if I take a while to respond.

Kindest regards

Lee Bastyan