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Wednesday 3rd June

Dear Class R parents and carers,


What a super week we have had so far. I have been really pleased with how the children have embraced the work on under the sea creatures. I was particularly impressed with the pictures that were produced yesterday of the fish hiding behind camouflage. I was really pleased that so many of the children chose to do this independently and came up with some super ideas and no two pictures were the same.


Today I would like the children to start by watching the BBC Bitesize video - 'Rockpools' 


Next can they imagine that 'Mister Seahorse' has visited a rockpool on his travels. What does he see? Does he meet another sea creature looking after its babies or eggs?
Can they create their own page to add to the story - For example -
"But before Long Mr Seahorse met another fish.
How are you Mr Sea anemone? asked Mr Seahorse.
Perfectly perfect replied Mr Sea anemone.
I am looking after my babies on the rocks.
What a great job said Mr Seahorse and swam on his way"
I would like the children to think about what Mr Seahorse would say to the creature that he meets and they may also need to do a bit of research online or in books to see if the creature they have chosen has babies or eggs?
They could either choose to do this on paper or on purple mash.

They may find the attached word cards useful for spelling.


After this I would like them to watch the attached video of set 2 red words and have a go at writing them out. I have only included a few to work on today and we will look at the rest later in the week.
Remember that these words cannot be sounded out and just need to be remembered.


After this I would like the children to have a go at the following two challenges -
1 - Some animals that live under the sea have fins to help them move around. Other animals have legs to move around with. Can you think of some sea creatures that have fins and some that have legs?
Can they list the creatures they can think of.

2 - There are lots of fish under the sea. Can you think of 5 other words that end with 'sh'?


Following this I would like the children to work through the attached powerpoint on 3d shapes.
After this can they look at the attached sheet - 'Do these shapes roll'
Please do not worry about printing this sheet out but instead see if they can predict whether these 3d shapes would roll and afterwards if they are able to safely experiment with shapes they have at home to see if their predictions were correct.


I will be adding a challenge around lunchtime so please look out for that.


Kindest regards

Mr B