School meals

School Meals

Children in years Reception to Year 2 are eligible for a free meal under the Government’s Universal Infants Free School Meal scheme. There is no need for you to apply for this, it’s automatic. You can collect your free meal tickets from the school office or send an envelope in your child’s bookbag marked with their name and a request for meal tickets.

PLEASE NOTE: this is a different scheme to the support for families on a low income (commonly referred to as ‘Free School Meals’). If you are in receipt of benefits and think you might be entitled to additional support please ask for more information at the school office.

Children in years 3 to 6 need to purchase tickets to have a school lunch:

Pay for tickets online via Schoolcomms then forward your email receipt to and your lunch tickets will be sent home in the bookbag.

Spring Summer Menu 2018

Autumn Winter Menu 2017

We offer healthy school lunches and meals are ordered according to the child’s choice from that day’s menu.

We operate a meal ticket system and tickets can be purchased in books of 5 (issued free of charge under the Infant Free School Meal Scheme for all Key Stage 1 children), from the school office in the mornings. Tickets are not dated and can be used as and when your child wants a school meal.

Please select your child’s menu choice for the day from the menu sent home, and mark it on the ticket (A,B or C) with your child’s name. Tickets are then handed in to the class teacher at registration and the school office then orders the meals from our provider kitchen at Whipton Barton Junior School.

Don’t worry if your child forgets their ticket – the teacher can issue an emergency meal ticket and you can send in the missing ticket the next day.

Packed lunches

We encourage the children who have packed lunches, to choose healthy options and to keep crisps and chocolate biscuits to a minimum. We use positive praise and sometimes run a sticker reward scheme to remind children that healthy eating is an important life choice.


The children should have a bottle of water in the class, that they may drink during the day and squash and juice is for packed lunches only in order to protect growing teeth.

Free School Meals

Some families may be entitled to receive free school meals. Not only can your child have a hot meal at lunchtime, this also entitles you to help with other aspects of school life such as school trips and extra curricular activities. To find out more please visit the DFES website:
Free School Meals Eligibility Criteria