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In Class R we have been using 'Oxford Owl for School and home'. This has proved to be incredibly useful for our children to use at home as there are a range of ebooks available for the children to read with their parents and carers.

To access this please follow the link -

Click on 'My Class Login' and then -

My Class Name - mrbastyan

My Class Password - ClassR

If you then click on 'e Books - My Bookshelf' you can access a range of books to read.

Please note that this a free service so simply use the above login code and you do not need to pay for a subscription.

Supporting children with their mental health and wellbeing.


In an ever changing and challenging world we need to recognise the impact this has on young people, as well as ourselves.


Over the past two years we have spent a great deal of time working with the children in Reception on embracing positive strategies to adopt in order to support their mental health and wellbeing. Of course this is specifically tailored for 4 and 5 year old children and their needs and concerns. We work with the children to explore and develop their emotional literacy and give the range of feelings and emotions they are having a name and support them in developing skills to manage and embrace these feelings.


Within Class R we use the EH4MH (Early Help For Mental Health) '10 a day choices towards balancing our mental health'. We discuss these choices with the children throughout the course of the year and encourage them to adopt these into their daily lives, as well as within their families'. We have found this a really good way of supporting us in building strong relationships with the children and also as a way of empowering the children to recognise what they are feeling and help them to develop strategies to maintain good mental health.

Below is a link to the EH4MH '10 a day choices towards balancing our mental health' poster.