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Letters About Lock Down - A Record For The Future

To my future self,


Well here I am sitting at my laptop in the middle of the lockdown in May 2020 during the coronavirus pandemic. I wanted to write a letter to myself to read in the future to remind me of what I did and how I felt.


My mum and dad are key workers so they still have to work but me and my brother do work at home it is called homeschooling.


When they are both working me and my brother are allowed to go to school during this pandemic.


 I felt sad and scared because my grandma could catch this virus and that we can’t hug are family and that we can’t see are friends.  


I learned to ride my bike while standing up the other day. We went for a long bike ride which was about 2 miles long. It was a glorious sunny day so we had a delicious ice cream when we got home. Whilst we were on are bike ride about half way home we saw a bright orange fox running along the road heading to the farm, probably the fox was trying to get some chickens for his or her family. We were surprised to see him or her during the day.


Hopefully at the time I am reading this, the coronavirus will be gone and we are all enjoying time with our family and friends again.


From Oscar aged 8.    


Dear reader,    


At the start of lockdown I felt really shocked because I didn’t think it would come to this. There have been lots of good things to come from being stuck at home. 


I’ve had baths instead of rushed showers. 

I’ve made endless dens with my brother.

I’ve made swings out of old blankets.

I’ve read lots of books.

I’ve made friendship bracelets with my mum.

I’ve made bread and cakes. 


My dad normally works away a lot but we’ve had our evening meals together as a family every night.  It’s been great and I’ll miss it when things go back to normal. 


I’m looking forward to doing all my clubs again, especially gym club. I’m looking forward to seeing all my friends again. I’m looking forward to going on holiday and I’m really looking forward to meeting my new baby cousin.  


This is a memory that will stick in my head forever. 


Stay safe everyone 




Dear Alex.

                              I am writing this letter to you to tell you about how lockdown is going for me.

When we were told about going into lockdown I was not worried about it as I knew this was all for the greater good of everyone. I was also a little happy I did not have to go to school. I also did not have to get up too early.

I liked lockdown because I got to spend time with dad James and the cat and mum when she got home from work and I also got to enjoy and help dad with the has also been really quiet around the village as people have been staying home so I get to hear the birds singing and not the sound of all the cars and vans driving round. 

I missed being with and seeing my friends at school everyday and after a while being with my brother all day got really annoying so all the mums found ways that I could stay in touch with my friends so every Thursday we would have a games afternoon where I played on my nintendo switch with my friends while we video called each other on our mum’s phones. 

So each day I have been doing my school work. Math is the best. I have also been playing in the garden with James until he hurt his leg on mummy's birthday.

When this is all over I can't wait to go shopping with mum for my new mattress for my bed the old one is getting a bit lumpy now and I also really want to go to Nanny’s to have a BBQ with all the family and give dad a day off from cooking.

I hope you are keeping well and I hope to see you soon.


Yours sincerely



I am writing to you to tell you about lockdown.

During coronavirus me and my brother Adam and my sister Amy have been doing home school. Sometimes me and my sister  have to go to school because both my mum and dad are key workers. On the weekend me and my family like to go on a walk or go to the beach and get some exercise .I miss my family and my friends from school and I wish coronavirus was over.


From Zoe

Dear reader,


I hope you enjoy reading my lockdown letter. 

During these times we need to stay at home so we do not get poorly.

I’m finding it a chance to play with my toys and have fun with the people in my household. We have been playing games like Giant Jenga, Giant Snakes and Ladders, Monopoly and Cluedo. I have been getting exercise on our trampoline and going for walks along the canal spotting fish, tadpoles and birds. 

I am really missing school and my friends, I'm looking forward to going back. It can be boring at times when mummy is working, but we are safe.

I’ve liked making fun experiments and playing with water balloons. I am sad not to be going to Glastonbury, but we are going to have a festival at home instead for my dad;s birthday, I hope to have the day off of school for it :)


Goodbye, I hope you enjoyed reading this letter, keep safe and have fun staying at home.


From Sammy

Dear Readers,


I am in lockdown at the moment and I miss meeting up with people like other family members, friends and teachers.


Lockdown has been going on for over six weeks now and it is a tricky time to be in so we have to just be calm and relax and wait until it is over.


The government has let us go out and about and we have to be careful of others around us. Also, we can’t stay overnight in a different place, which I think is useful so we don't have to stay home and do nothing all day long.


When lockdown first started I felt a bit excited because I have never worked from home before but at the same time I felt a bit anxious because this is a strange time to be in and it has never happened before.


I am spending lockdown with my mum, dad, sister and my two cats. Well I’m not sure my cats know what is going on and my sister misses seeing her friends as well as me and my mum and dad miss going outdoors and camping.

From Izzy

Dear reader,


Hi my name is Freddie. To the reader of this letter you might like to know about 2020.We had a virus called the coronavirus. You had to be in lockdown for a long time. Lockdown is a type of a saying that means saying at home. I got a haircut but my mum did it, it was very bad. We haven’t seen our friends for ages but luckily our parents arranged a Facetime. Facetime is a website its a bit like if you call someone but you can see there face it’s better than not seeing them at all! I would be very worried if I had the coronavirus because we couldn’t see our family. We’d just have to go straight to hospital so I don’t want that to happen. We have to go out of the house at Thursday and clap at 8.o’clock. Do you know why were clapping?.......Did you say the NHS because that is the correct answer !The NHS stands for National Health Service. They are helping a lot.


From Freddie

Dear Future Cian,


It is the year 2020 and we are in lockdown because of a horrible virus! We have to stay safe at home to keep everyone safe but when it first happened I felt a little bit worried but then I got used to it. I was also a bit nervous about it because I didn’t know what was going to happen or what to expect.


My favorite thing about lockdown is I get to spend more time with Mum and Dad and I have played a lot with Bailey, my dog. I also like lockdown because I get to do lots of fun activities at home like playing football, playing UNO, playing snakes and ladders, playing rugby and I have got to play lots on my switch.


I don’t like lockdown because I can’t see my brother, sister and the rest of my family, I also can’t see my friends. I don’t get to have as much fresh air or fun time outside as I used to.


When lockdown is over I can’t wait to see my family and friends, and get back to playing rugby with my team. I can’t wait to go out and play and go to the park. I am really looking forward to watching the chiefs play again too.

Do you remember doing that after lockdown? I hope I had an epic time!


Past Cian



During lockdown I have been most thankful for all the NHS workers who have worked so hard to get the sick people into hospital and make them better. Most of them have not been able to see their own families and have worked very long days and have got poorly themselves. Lots of other workers and volunteers have also worked throughout this lockdown, like teachers and my Mum and I am thankful to them too. 


During lockdown I have still been going to school three days a week and home schooling the other two days. It’s OK but I want school to go back to normal so I can see my friends and teachers again. 


My favourite things to do have been playing in my new pool, riding my bike and playing in the forest on the farm where I live. 


When lockdown is over I look forward to going on school residential as it was cancelled. I can’t wait to see Grandma and Grandad again and be able to play with my friends. I look forward to being able to go shopping and swimming again.


Hopefully this will end soon. Bye!



 Dear Nanny Eve,


How are you? It's been eight weeks since this has happened and I hope we can see each other soon. It’s strange because I’m always inside and doing work at home and weird with everybody staying away from each other. We have been going on walks and messing around trying to have fun. We are ordering things online for a change and saving money more but I wish we were together. I've got many plans to do after this and some up at your house.

I can't wait to see you and give you a hug!!

Lots of love,

Harry,xxxx :) :)

Lockdown is a very stressful time for me, being surrounded by my sisters and not allowed to see my friends or play football. I’m happy because we are getting astro and it is very nice weather. I’m enjoying our family bike rides every night we do about 6-7 k and on the weekend we do about 20k.

Sincerely Sonny Mackie