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Updated Covid Risk Assessment 2nd March 2022

Updated Covid Risk Assessment 18th January 2022

Updated Covid Risk Assessment 5th September 2021

Updated Covid 19 Risk Assessment 26th May 2021

Updated Covid-19 Risk Assessment 19th April 2021

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Updated Covid Risk Assessment 15th December 2020

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Risk Assessment for Covid-19 4th September 2020

Summer Newsletter 2020




                                                                                                                                                               July 2020


Dear Parents,

Thank you

As we come to the end of our academic year I would like to thank you all for the support that you have shown us during the last few months.  I am very proud of the way that everyone has pulled together to support the children and you have been a vital part of that.  For those of you whose children have attended school then thank you for keeping to all the rules about social distancing and coping with all the complex timings about dropping off and picking up. For the ‘parent-teachers’ who have been at home supporting online learning then a big well done and remember the profession always needs more people!!

Risk Assessments

The new risk assessment for returning in September is now in the COVID section on the website ( so please have a look at it. We have also attached a user-friendly guide on returning to school and the day to day practicalities.

Communication in September

In September when we return to school we will not be able to invite parents into school on a routine basis but we can chat to you outside, you can email and we can arrange a ‘Google Meet’ so you can have a face to face conversation with a teacher or we can phone you.  We know that communication is important so please don’t feel that you can’t speak to us. We hope that in time that we can have more face to face conversations.

Year 6 Leavers

We would like to wish all our leavers the very best of luck in the future and it has been lovely to see so many of them in the last few weeks. We are very proud of them all.

Support in the summer

Purple Mash is providing activities that parents can access over the summer so if you are keen to keep going then this may be useful but we hope that families can get out and about a little more.

Have a great summer

It has been a unique time in all of our lives but I hope that we can look forward to a return to normality in the near future. We hope that all of you have a lovely summer break and have the opportunity to catch up with friends and family that you’ve missed in the last few months.

Take care and stay safe

Best Wishes,

Louise Herbert

Executive Headteacher                                





Bubble Information September 2020    


The ‘monsters’ ,designed by the children, are displayed around school to show each bubble where they should enter and exit the building, which is their classroom and which toilets they should use.


Bubble A

Drop off time 9:00am.

Pick up time 3:15pm

All of Class R and Class 1, (each class being taught in their own classroom) with shared outside play areas and playtimes.

Bubble B

Drop off time 9:00am.

Pick up time 3:15pm for y2 and 3:30pm for y3

All of Class 2 and 3 (each class being taught in their own classroom) shared playtimes.

Bubble C

Drop off time 8:50am.

Pick up time 3:30pm

Class 4

Bubble D

Drop off time 8:50am.

Pick up time 3:30pm

Class 5

Bubble E

Drop off time 8:50am.

Pick up time 3:30pm

Class 6

Breakfast Club - Cygnets


Year 5 & 6 children attending Breakfast Club will be in the Jubilee Building at the bottom of the playground and all younger children attending Breakfast Club will be in the hall in the main building.  Children will be in their ‘school day’ bubbles within these spaces.



Covid-19 Risk Assessment for Return to School September 2020

Wednesday 10th June - Online Safety

While so much of our lives is being lived in the virtual online world, being aware of the risks this presents to children is especially important.  Children need guidance to understand and recognise the risks, which are often quite subtle unlike the obvious threat of fast moving vehicles on roads.  They also need all the usual social reminders about appropriate behaviour; none of us would tolerate our children being unkind to others in a real world setting and we need to teach them that the same rules apply in their virtual worlds.

To help all of the adults (school staff and parents) involved in the children's lives understand the risks, and support children the DfE has published some useful materials which can be found at this link.  


This outlines what the potential risks are e.g. sexual abuse, viewing inappropriate and disturbing material, cyberbullying and provides direction to sources of help and learning.  The most important thing you can do is keep communication channels with your child/children open - if they know they can come and talk to you, or one of the school adults, when they are worried they will be much safer and by talking with them you will have a better understanding about what they're doing online so that you can help them manage risks and learn appropriate behaviours.


The internet is a wonderful tool and at this time in particular our lives would be much poorer without it, but like everything in life it is not without risk.


Below are some checklists,produced by SWGFL (Southwest Grid For Learning) about how to be as safe as possible when using some of the popular social media sites.


Many thanks for your support


Wednesday 10th June - myON Reading

In addition to the other reading sites we have previously directed you to, here is an absolutely brilliant one for home!  It is free for this month and we are looking at it being available to you over the summer.


Below are the instructions for browsing, as there are lots of books on there!  

Monday 8th June - Message from Thomas Moore


School Uniform - Purchasing

As you know the items of school uniform that carry the school logo are supplied by Thomas Moore's, Fore Street Exeter. They are offering, and encouraging you to use online purchasing wherever possible.  However if you need to exchange items, can't or prefer not to use their online system their shop will be reopening, with strict social distancing rules, on Monday 15th June. Please see the letter below, from Thomas Moore, for more information. There is also  a current price guide below.  


The only uniform items that we ask you to purchase with the school logo on are:

sweatshirts and cardigans



All other uniform may be purchased from Thomas Moore or any other supplier able to provide clothing that matches our uniform policy which can be found at:

Wednesday 3rd June - Thank You

Dear Parents


Thank you for all your support today on the first official day back for Year R,1 and 6. Everyone came in very sensibly this morning so a massive thank you to you all for being so helpful. Mrs Potts-Baldwin's rainbow has been admired by everyone and we'll soon get the hang of the new systems.


We recognise that lots of children are worried and we will be doing our very best to support them through this unusual time. I have been around the classes this morning and everyone was doing well. Class R were dancing!

We don't know what the coming weeks will bring but if you have any concerns then email or ring us. We can't be as 'open door' as we usually are but we are here when you and your child need us. Please talk to us if you need us.


If you have a child from a younger year group that has an older sibling then please pick up at the later time of 3.30 pm and we will hold onto your younger children until that time.  Please stand on the rainbow feet in the playground for pick up.


As the weather has changed the children will need a coat please as we will be going outside as much as possible. If the sun comes out again then please apply sun tan lotion before they come to school.


Thank you for all your continued support and we know that many of you are continuing to support children at home so thank you for everything you are doing.


Take care and stay safe,


Louise Herbert

Head Teacher

Tuesday 2nd June - Arrangements For Wider Opening


From tomorrow there will be an increased number of children in school with the return of some Year R, 1 and 6 children. This will see the start of our Bubble system designed to provide a good level of social distancing and keep everyone safe.  


To recap information already sent out:


  • Children should wear their own clothes which need to be suitable for school life and weather conditions.  These must be clean each day to minimise the risk of infection and will need to include a jumper or cardigan as doors and windows will be open to maintain a good level of ventilation. We suggest you write your child's name or initials on the jumper or cardigan label.  
  • Children's footwear should be safe and appropriate for running around in - flip flops and crocs are not permitted.
  • Children need a clearly identified water bottle.  They will be able to refill this in school if needed
  • Sun cream should be applied at home before coming to school please and sun hats are essential in this lovely weather


Additional Information:


The children in school will be following the same online learning tasks as those at home so should bring with them any school books they normally use and their School Chromebook if they have borrowed one.  All pens, pencils etc will be supplied to the children in individual packs. Hand sanitiser will be provided by school when needed although our main focus will be on frequent handwashing with soap and water.

Should your child show any sign of illness they should be kept at home and especially if this includes one of the Covid-19 symptoms - please err on the side of caution at all times. Everyone is now entitled to a coronavirus test, if they have symptoms, including school age children. Please make sure your family go for testing if they develop any symptom that might be coronavirus infection.

Please note that all children need to bring their own snack as the scheme for supplying fruit to infant classes has been suspended during the coronavirus crisis.

Finally a sheet is attached explaining the arrangements for socially distanced drop off and pick up that will start tomorrow. We look forward to seeing those of you who will be returning for the first time and those who've been attending regularly since March. We know that despite the difficulties that varied drop off and pick up times will present that we can rely on your support in adhering to these so that we can all stay safe.

Monday 1st June - Bubbles


Please find below the staffing arrangements for the Bubbles that will come into effect on Wednesday, 3rd June.  The monster pictures, designed by the children, will be used around school to help the children know which facilities their Bubble should use. Please can we also remind you that drop off and pick up times are varied for the different Bubbles:



Drop off

Pick up

Bubble 1

9.00 am

3.15 pm

Bubble 2

9.00 am

3.15 pm

Bubble 3

8.50 am

3.30 pm

Bubble 4

8.40 am

3.30 pm

Bubble 5

8.40 am

3.30 pm



If you have more than one child who is eligible to attend school you can drop off all of your children at 8:50am. 
If you are running late please wait until 9:15 am to drop at school but please note you must be clear of the playground by 9:20 am so that Preschool parents can safely access the playground.
If you have booked a place for your child to attend during June they have been accommodated in the Bubble system but we are unable to accept any additional children for this period as we simply don't have capacity due to the guidance on social distancing.  Where year groups have to be split the children will be told which Bubble they belong to when they arrive at school for the first time.

Friday 22nd May - Plans For Wider Opening


On behalf of the governors and all the staff of Clyst St Mary I would like to thank all the parents for the support that you have given us during this unprecedented time. We all think that you have done an amazing job in supporting the children with their online learning at home. On Sunday 10th May the Prime Minister announced, subject to the passing of the five tests set by the government, primary schools would reopen to Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 pupils as well as the children of critical workers. In the last two weeks we have been working on a comprehensive risk assessment to ensure that it is safe for your children to return to school and to keep staff safe in school. 


Following a full Governing Body meeting on Wednesday 20th May, in which there was a full discussion of all aspects of reopening, it was decided that for the safety of all, the earliest we can feasibly reopen the school is Wednesday 3rd June. The school will continue to be open from the 1st June for the children of critical workers. In the first 2 days of the week we will be making sure that all our social distancing measures are in place, staff receive training and classrooms are prepared. Breakfast Club and After School Club will remain open only for the children of critical workers. 


We expect the government to make further announcements on the 28th May, which may delay the reopening of the school. We will update you if that is the case.


It is really important that you read the attached information document which fully explains the logistics of our reopening, including necessary changes to drop off and pick up times and points. We will be publishing our full risk assessment on the school website soon.


Additional information

Children will not need to wear school uniform but whatever they do wear should be clean and appropriate for school life and activities. Footwear must be safe so no flip flops or crocs. ALL children will need to bring a jumper or cardigan as one aspect of staying safe is keeping doors and windows open to increase ventilation whatever the weather!   When dropping off, or picking up children please note they may only be accompanied by one adult and that adult will not be able to enter the building.  Please don't bring siblings to drop offs and pick ups unless absolutely essential.  If they do accompany you they must remain by your side at all times. 


Thank you for your continued support,