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Friday 22nd May

Good morning,


I hope that you are all well. This will be my last post until after half term. I will look on Purple Mash and check for work handed in and keep my fingers crossed for recorded messages. I will also check MyMaths and Doodlemaths/spell as I know some of you will use the week to catch up on some things. I know I will be!!


It is my mother's birthday tomorrow, it's a special big birthday so I feel sad not to be able to use all the plans we had. My sister lives near her so will take round the presents we have ordered and some flowers and we have a zoom meeting with all our friends and family. I expect you have done this as well for members of your family. 


I was on my walk yesterday with Lily and Phoebe and we saw Imogen, it was lovely to see her smiling face. She had just been to the beach and had been swimming.


Science booklet - p.30 and 31  The Doctor and the Vet


Purple Mash  -  Vet mashcam ( Mrs Martin will be marking this and choosing the best to go on the board. Remember that you can record yourself reading the speech bubble)

                        - Male/female  doctor Mashcam  


BBC Bitesize - Geography  19th May  - Introduction to Oceania - Australia  ( this has the Pirate Bunnies game, still my favourite!!)


Purple Mash - Great Barrier reef poster( I will be looking at these to decide which ones go on the display board, I was impressed by your Nigeria ones yesterday)

                        - Kangaroo   (picture, add a name and a fact please)


MyMaths - estimates and place value, adding 2 digit numbers.


Remember to Doodle and to read with Oxford Owl and  Collins Connect. Enjoy whatever you choose to do today and keep active!!

If you want more to do over half term I would recommend the BBC Bitesize lessons. 

Have a great afternoon, and enjoy half term.

Thursday 21st May

Good morning,


I hope you have all decided which challenge you are going for in the Virtual Games!! We are going for Silver in the Secondary School category. 

I went for an explore on Woodbury Common and we found ourselves in boggy areas where we had to jump from dry spot to dry spot, it was quite exciting and then we had to cross a small stream using stepping stones. We also saw some of the places the Marines use in the Commando Challenge. We did not go to the beach as it sounded like it was very busy down there on the news.


Today you will need to watch the BBC Bitesize programme before you do one of the activities on Purple Mash. Mrs Martin has made two new display boards for us to put up the good work from today. I hope to be able to give everyone a reward for their Nigeria fact file. 


BBC Bitesize   -  Geography   5th May - Introduction to Africa - Nigeria   


Purple Mash - Nigeria Fact file  ( the best ones will go onto the display board and see if you can get a reward!!)

                         Alien Simile poem ( when you compare something to something else (her cheeks are like a red rose, you were as brave as a lion)

                         Week 5 spellings


MyMaths - catch up on any you have not got to yet.


Reading booklet -  p.33-36  Poem  - Icecream Man  ( I look forward to when the van starts coming down our road again!!)


I look forward to seeing you work, please leave me a message, just "hello Mrs Allen" would make me smile.

I will be putting the poems and fact files onto the boards with Mrs Martin's help.


Enjoy your day and stay active!!

Wednesday 20th May

Good morning,


I hope that you are well and have your paddling pools at the ready!!! Today is going to be hot, hot, hot!! 

Yesterday evening I went for a walk on the beach with Mr Allen while Lily walked with a friend (2 metres apart) in the other direction. I even took off my shoes and walked barefoot, I did not paddle! Lily and Phoebe got an online delivery of summer clothes so were busy in the day showing me their new outfits.


So I am back on my purple ball and ready for a day of seeing what you send me. Eddie, I absolutely loved your spooky voice that you did to go with your story. Mrs Martin was very impressed by the special effects. 


BBC Bitesize  - 4th May - English - developing vocabulary through phonics.  Remember to play Karate Cats when you are done, it's a great game.


Grammar booklet - p.22-25     commas and practice


MyMaths -  block charts and pictograms   


Reasoning booklet - p.51 - 54      block diagrams and pictograms


Purple Mash - solving questions using charts(read the questions carefully)

                          Interpreting pictograms

                          Year 2 spelling activity


Enjoy whatever it is you choose to do, please remember to say hi as I get very lonely in the dining room on my own.

Tuesday 19th May

Good morning,


Well it's not so sunny today. Lily and Mr Allen have gone out for a run and Phoebe is in the process of waking up (it takes quite a while!!!). I went for a walk with Lily yesterday and then when Mr Allen got home we went to Budleigh and Lily had a swim. It was quite windy and choppy but she did it. I am very proud of her for getting in, I was wrapped up in a coat. Phoebe has painted a new rainbow to go in our window.


The big purple ball worked well and my back is not as bad!! The bouncing however does not help me with my typing.


Maths wise we have a couple of days looking at tables and tally charts. 


MyMaths - Introducing data and tally charts


Reasoning booklet - p.47-50   Tables and Tallies


Arithmetic booklet   -  p.22-25    multiplying and dividing  


BBC Bitesize   -  Reading    English 1st May   Funny Bones    Some of you will need a reader for this activity.


Purple Mash - Tally and Data tables


                           2 create a story     I would like you to create a story about a skeleton, Mrs Martin will be choosing your best efforts to put up on the display board and if you are lucky she might record a message to say hi. Remember to leave Mrs Martin a message when you hand it in.


Check out each other's blogs by going to the sharing icon (green globe) and see what photos are being put up. 


Have a great day and I look forward to reading your skeleton stories that Mrs Martin puts on the display board.

Monday 18th May

Good morning to you all,


I have had a lovely weekend, I spent time in the garden reading. We have planned the next meals for our family cookery challenge. I went for a walk on the beach all the way along past the rocks to the end of the stretch of sand near Sandy Bay. It was much busier on the beach. I am sitting on a big purple exercise ball today to see if that helps my back, fingers crossed that I do not fall off it!!  No laughing if I do!!!


MyMaths - capacity, length and mass. These are Year 1 lessons as a quick refresher and to get you in the measuring mood for your other work.


Reasoning booklet - p.26-29  Units of measurement.


Purple Mash - Units of measurement

                          Find the tallest

                          Toy shelf


BBC Bitesize - Science 6th May    -   Basic parts of a plant .      You can do the drawing of the plant in your green books.


Science booklet - p.16-17    Acorn to Oak


Grammar booklet - p.18-21    Ending sentences and apostrophes.


I hope you enjoy the activities you do and make sure you keep checking to see if you get rewards in Purple Mash.

The purple ball is very wobbly!!!

Friday 15th May

Good morning, 


Mrs Martin and I worked out how to video call using the Gmail chat!!! I was able to say hello to Freddie and Edward, Miss Lidstone, Mrs Martin and Mr Rogers while they were in school. I was just trying to find out what happens when I click 'Save and redo' on a piece of your work. I can ask you to add a little more or put in something that you missed and discovered that you can add to what you did without having to start again.


Yesterday afternoon I put some grass seed on the lawn, it said on the box that it is bird repellent, but I am not sure as there seems to be quite a few birds coming and going!! 


BBC Bitesize - English - 23rd April - Creating lists in sentences and writing command sentences.

Please watch this before doing the sticker writing in your book with the monkey on the cover.


Writing book  sticker  - Play a game   -  it's the sticker bottom left on the sheet!!


Purple Mash - Rainy day - grammar

                          My Dice Game

                         Fraction  1/2 and 1/4 

                          Fractions equivalence


Arithmetic book - p. 44, 45, 46   Fractions


Handwriting/spelling   -  rows 17 and 18  (who-only)


Enjoy whichever of these you choose to do, have fun out in your garden and do something that makes your heart beat fast and leaves you feeling puffed!!  

Thursday 14th May

Good morning everybody, 


I have just imagined you all saying "good morning Mrs Allen" like you do in assembly!! 

Well it's another sunny day in Exmouth.  Lily is up and about but Phoebe is still in bed, she doesn't like getting up!! We had a lovely walk on the common and Lily saw a friend from the swimming club so they had a bit of a chat. I expect you see each other out and about as well. 


BBC Bitesize   - English     29th  April   Creating a minibeast fact file using joining words. You can do any writing in your green books or the purple homework book.


Purple Mash - Minibeast vocabulary

                          Invent your own insect ( add a sentence with a mini beast name and a fact about it.)

                          Summer spelling week 3


Arithmetic booklet - p. 41,42 and 43     Fractions


Handwriting/spelling    - rows  15 and 16    (think - garden)


I was just wondering if I am setting enough to keep you busy and learning, now you are used to Purple Mash and this way of working would you like me to add more activities to the daily list.  Get your parents to email Mrs Hockin and she then sends them to me. 

Mrs Allen

Wednesday 13th May

Good morning,


I went for a walk on the beach yesterday evening with Lily and Mr Allen, Phoebe was at home cooking, and we saw Mr Rogers. It was lovely to have a chat with him. The beach has been very quiet but I expect it will start to get busier now the Government have changed the rules. 


BBC Bitesize - Science 29th April - Introduction to materials. We did some work on materials in school last term so you will remember some of the facts.


Science booklet - p.32 and 33   Materials


Purple Mash - Which material?


                          Matching objects


Comprehension booklet - p.17-20     Non fiction    The Circus 


Reasoning booklet - p.22 and 23       quarters


MyMaths - the fractions activities set yesterday if not done yet.


I look forward to hearing some messages from you today. 

Tuesday 12th MayGood morning ladies and gellymen!!


I found it very hard to get out of bed this morning, it's sooooo cold. I was much warmer tucked under my duvet. Lily has been on the rowing machine already today and Mr Allen was at work for 7. I did my walk yesterday afternoon but it  was hard work with the wind blowing in my face. If you made your kites I hope you had fun flying them.


BBC Bitesize  - Geography   28th April  Introduction to Europe  - France

 I really enjoyed the Pirate Bunnies World Adventure game. Let me know if you collect all the coins/treasure.


MyMaths - activities based on Fractions    If you need extra help then go to the library section where you can access the lessons.


Reasoning booklet - p. 20 and 21   Halves and thirds


Purple Mash - Spelling Summer week 2

                          Compounding with Grandpa


Monday 11th May

Good morning,


I hope that you all had a lovely weekend and got to go out and play or exercise with your family. I went cycling again with Phoebe and walking with Lily. We had our 2nd BBQ of the year and the girls had a water fight over the wall with the girls next door. I then made a swing ball( very impressed with myself) which we all had a go at but the girls still had the water pistols so were shooting at whoever was playing. 


So on today's menu, for your selection we have .........


BBC Bitesize  - 24th April - Wellbeing: Managing emotions


Purple Mash - Positive Emotions( click on the word bank and it will tell you what they mean)

                          Emotions paint

                          Feelings paint

                          Calculating change


Reasoning booklet -   p. 40, 41, 42 and 43     2d and 3d shape   ( I will look today for a quick Purple Mash  shape activity if they have one!!)


Reading booklet -  Non Fiction  Bees   p. 21-26   ( Remember that someone can read to you and act as scribe and do the writing for you.)

Thursday 7th May

Good morning, 


We have sunshine in Exmouth, I hope it's sunny where you are. We are doing a family cooking challenge this week and next. On Monday Lily cooked Chicken Ramen, it was very yummy and last night it was my turn and I cooked Sticky Pork Ribs, which luckily were also yummy. Have any of you had a go at cooking something new?


Lily has just gone out for a run, she is in fourth place on her rowing club activity board for this week!! Phoebe has been busy on TimesTable RockStars and is top of her leaderboard. They are both busy doing school work or studying during the day time. 


The list of activities seems quite long today!! Remember you don't have to do it all. Tomorrow is a Bank Holiday so I am not setting work so perhaps save some for tomorrow. I have work to do that I am saving for tomorrow. If you are having a VE Day party enjoy it!! 


MyMaths - try to get the money chapters completed (I bet you're already done aren't you?)


BBC Bitesize - Maths 29th April   Compare amounts of money


Purple Mash - Shop multi drag game


BBC Bitesize  - History   27th April   Who was Neil Armstrong?


Purple Mash - Mash Cam of an astronaut  ( Mrs Martin is looking for good ones to go on the display board, make sure you add lots of interesting facts) I think Mrs Martin might be leaving some recorded messages!!!!


Writing book sticker - 3 random objects and put them into an adventure. You might want to have an adventure in space!!! You could draw a story map on scrap paper to plan your beginning, middle and end.


Purple Mash - Talking Stories - go into the App and do Sally's Seaside Adventure. 


Have a wonderful weekend, it is so nice hearing your voices. Please keep recording, a special thank you to Eddie for his yesterday. 

Wednesday 6th May

Good morning,


I enjoyed listening to your messages yesterday, keep them coming!!! I am sitting with the sun shining in and can't wait until playtime when I can go out into the garden to drink my coffee. Yesterday was wet play so I had to do Lego on my own!! When Marcus got home from work we went for a walk along the estuary, the tide was really high. Lily and Phoebe cycled to Exton and back.


Well done to Aiden for getting a good score on Funky Platform. When I get an alert to say you have 'handed in ' your work I have to open it before I can comment so I see all your work and scores in tests. 


MyMaths - keep working through the money chapters.


Reasoning booklet- p.32, 33 and 34 money


Purple Mash - money up to 20p

                         Keeping money safe

                         2Race   - addition to 10 (I will be finding out how I can set this up so you can race each other in the future)


BBC Bitesize    28th April English- Writing sentences using capital letters, full stops and joining words.



I can remember the caterpillar song from when Lily was little. Remember to use your best handwriting, you can do the writing in your purple homework book. Do all 3 activities and then you can play Karate Cats!!!


Have a wonderful Wednesday and I look forward to getting messages, watch out for mine back to you.


Mrs Allen

Tuesday 5th May

Good morning,


I went for a lovely walk with Lily and Marcus and a short bike ride with Phoebe (my 1st time on a bike for 3 years!!!), she said I was okay but needed to leave more space when I cycle past parked cars. 

I could see some very quick times in the Coin Pairs games yesterday. I was exploring some of the activities and games on Purple Mash, I set a few as some of you might want to play them but I will not be checking scores on the added extras. They are just for fun and today with it being so soggy you might be glad of something else to do. 


I have put some of your work into your folders. Go to the yellow work folder, click on the arrow next to My Work then you should see a folder called Done2dos, click on this to see your work that you handed in. 


I am trying to link the Purple Mash activities, BBC Bitesize and your books as some of them will help you with the other parts. 


MyMaths - continue working your way through the chapter lessons on money. The homework activities have been done earlier in the year but the lessons will remind you and help you with the work I am setting this week. I can't see who does these so I am trusting you!!


BBC Bitesize  - English 24th April - Reading Lesson   Daisy and the Trouble with Life. 

You need to do this before you can do the Paint activity in Purple Mash. You may need a reader for this today.


BBC Bitesize - Maths  28th April   Using coins to make an amount Enjoy the Karate Cats game.


Purple Mash -  Money up to 10p

                           Paint - face   ( needs to be Daisy from the story and can you add a sentence about her underneath)

                           2Race   one more/one less

                           Plants labelling and plants labelling and growing    (linked to Science book)


Science Booklet - p.14 and 15   A Plant Adventure ( linked to Purple Mash)


I hope you like the activities today.  

Monday 4th May 

Star Wars Day May the Fourth!!

Good morning,


I am back at home this week so will be able to send you recorded messages. My computer has a dodgy space bar so please excuse any words joined together, I try to spot and change them but I am sure I will miss some. 

We had our delivery meal on Saturday evening, it was very tasty and it was nice not to cook and wash up all the pots and pans!!  Lily and Marcus have just gone out for a run and I will be going to wake Phoebe as she needs to do her school work.

I hope you managed to do something over the weekend to try to make those days different from all  the others. 


I can see that Mrs Martin has been busy on Purple Mash.


BBC Bitesize  - 21st April Geography    - learn about the UK      Have fun with Uncle Bob!!


Purple Mash - UK Capital Cities

                          Coins Pairs game 


MyMaths - Library - measurement - using money. When you log in the first screen you get to has 'Library' on the  left hand side, what I would like you to do is click on 'measurement', then scroll down until you see Yr 2 Using money, select 'lesson' and then you see what I have copied below.This week I would like you to work through these lessons. I have tried to find booklet work , Purple mash activities and BBC Bitesize to all be about money this week. 


Friday 1st May

Good morning,


Who saw a wonderful rainbow yesterday? We had a double rainbow over Exmouth just before we went outside to clap. 

The weather kept changing yesterday, I wonder what it will do today?


Have you got any special plans for the weekend? We have ordered a home delivery from a local restaurant to say well done to Lily and Phoebe. Phoebe has been doing lots of school work in the day on her own as Marcus and I are at work. Lily has been doing some housework and it really helps.


BBC Bitesize   - 22nd April   English (using describing words).

                            There is a short animation and then 3 activities. You can do the writing in your writing book with the monkey on the front.


My Maths - 2 activities based around subtraction and sharing/division


Purple Mash -   Florence Nightingale     Mashcam and factfile   ( Mrs Martin will be choosing Mashcams with an interesting speech bubble to put onto the  display board).


                            2Race    Number bonds   


                             High Frequency words touch type  ( I know you can't all do this one but if you use a keyboard it will help you, I know that Renn has been doing it and loves it. )


Remember not all of this needs to be done,  I hope you have found a piece of your work on a display board.

Thursday 30th April

Good morning,


I hope you were not woken by the heavy rain. We all managed to get outside for a bit yesterday but today looks even more grey!!! Phoebe has dip dyed her hair with tissue paper so it's now pink at the ends!!! 


I can't believe it's the last day of the month and we go into May tomorrow!! Don't forget to 'pinch punch, it's the first of the month' gently tomorrow. 


Mrs Martin would like to add comments to the wonderful work you are doing and I have also shown her how to add rewards, so check your rewards cup over the next few days as we learn how to do it!!! If a message/response to your work starts with MM-   then it is from Mrs Martin. She is also going to be helping to put your work onto the display boards. Could you please check the display boards to see if I have put up some of yours? I have no easy way of checking !!! If you do not have any work up then send me a message and we will watch out for some fantastic work from you that can go up. Freddie has enjoyed the mazes, particularly yours Mimi.


BBC Bitesize   - 20th April History - How can I be a Historian.

                            There are three clips to watch, a practical activity in your home and then an online game. I hope you enjoy them, it appears that a lot of hard work has gone into compiling these. 


Handwriting/spelling - rows 13 and 14    (took - around)


Purple Mash - Zara and the Lost Cat

                         It looks like lots but they are quick activities, paint, jigsaw and quiz.


Arithmetic book  - p.19, 20 and 21


If it stops raining for long enough get your wellies on and jump in puddles. 



Wednesday 29th April

Good morning,


Last night as a family we decided to learn some new recipes, so we picked 4 cookery books and then did a draw to see who got which book! We will then each pick  a new dish to cook next week. Lily and Phoebe are really looking forward to it.


Yesterday we made salt dough shapes and today we are going to paint them. Freddie is in school this week and he says"hi".


Reasoning booklet - p.7,8,9,and 10.   (comparing and ordering)


BBC Bitesize daily lesson  Watch the clip and then do the activities  linked to it. Activity one and two are online the other is a Twinkl colouring sheet which you can download, you can have a free Twinkl account at the moment, but it is also at the bottom of this information


This is a science activity  from 21st April. It is an introduction to the seasons and day and night.  If the link does not work search for the BBC Bitesize daily lessons and you should be able to access it that way.


Grammar booklet - p.14 and 15


Handwriting/spelling   - rows 11 and 12 (would - town)


Purple Mash - 2do  - All about  Seasons.


Remember this is a pick and mix selection, hopefully it will keep you busy and keep your brains active.

Tuesday 28th April

Good morning,


What a soggy grey day!!!! It is sad not to see the sun but my garden needs some water and I am sure your gardens need it too. On my way to school today I saw 2 Highland Cattle that live on the edge of Woodbury Common. Yesterday Phoebe made cake following a recipe in French, it was 'tres bon'.


Arithmetic booklet - p.16, 17 and 18.


Grammar booklet - p.10 and 11       verbs and tenses


Purple Mash - 2do describing lambs( oral instructions added)

                          2do    Chick picture



Letterjoin   - practice some tricky joins, do a couple of word searches


Catch up on any missed MyMaths - I am keeping an eye on who has done what!!!!


Remember to Doodle.


I have tried to add a couple of pieces of work to display boards but they appear locked so I am asking Mrs Wookey and Mrs Potts-Baldwin to see if they can help.


Try to do some Just Dance or Supermovers today so you get your heart rates racing!!


Have a great day everyone.


Monday 27th April

Good morning, 


I am in school this week. The weather is not looking as lovely today.


How did you get on with your 2.6 challenges? 


I have discovered that I have set a couple of activities that don't allow me to give you feedback. I am able to see who has done it and the score that you got. If you record yourself in a Mashcam let me know in your comment so I can click on the green arrow and listen to you.



 Maths  -  NCETM    follow this link and do the 1st and 2nd video on multiplcation


( please let me know what you think of them)


My Maths - Shape lessons


Science booklet - p.12-13    perhaps you could build your own habitat outside? 


Spelling/handwriting - rows 9 and 10.     (going to head)


Have a wonderful day, there's nothing set today on Purple Mash but you can contact me in the Blog.

Friday 24th April

Good morning,


I do hope that you find today's activities fun. I loved seeing you in the St George Mashcams. 

Mrs Reid has asked me to remind you about handing in your reading challenge, you can send photos to Mrs Hockin or possibly just email her the total number of hours read. I am sure some of you have done this already.


I washed the car yesterday, seeing as it's not going out very much it was incredibly dirty. Lily and Phoebe enjoyed helping and got each other wet. 


Purple Mash - 2Race  odd and even race   answers up to 20

                       - Spelling summer week 1 Quiz

                       - Lily's dog

( Hopefully you will be able to hear my instructions). 


Sticker into writing book- travel back in time (bottom right hand sticker) You might want to look at the Mashcam selection(search it yourself) and pick someone and hand in a Mashcam too. Remember to think about your handwriting, check your spelling, punctuate your sentences accurately and be descriptive.


Arithmetic book   p.12,13,14 and 15    ( subtraction)


Grammar booklet   p. 10 and 11       verb form and tense


Lots of really good scores in MyMaths, well done and don't forget to Doodle we've been overtaken.


Have a great day, stay healthy and make sure you do some exercise. 

Thursday 23rd April

Good morning,


I walked to the beach yesterday and I was very nearly tempted to take off my shoes and dip my toes in!!! Mr Allen bought some hair clippers and Lily, Phoebe and I did his hair, it looks very good.


Today's list looks like a long one, but they should be quick and enjoyable. Remember you do not have to do everything. Some of the things you should be able to do on your own so that your parents can grab a quiet cup of tea!


Purple Mash -    St George and the Dragon

                       -     Little Red meets the Wolf             

Remember to click 'hand in' once you are done, I will not respond to work until I see this.


Science book - The Sea Shore   p.10-11 


Follow this link for some clips and activities.


Letter Join - go on  and do a couple of the word searches and practice some joins that you know you need to work on.


Handwriting / spelling    - rows 7 and 8  ( did - couldn't) Remember the shape of the word!!!!!!!!


Reasoning booklet - p.1-4  Numbers


See if you can challenge someone in your household to a star jump and jogging on the spot/laps of the garden competition.

Have a wonderful day and I look forward to seeing your work and perhaps listening to little messages from you

Wednesday 22nd April

Good morning, 


Well done on your Doodling!!!! So pleased to see so many of you doing it and the Doodlespell as well.

I have loved hearing your little sound bites when you send me messages. Make sure you click hand in when you're done, I think I have been looking at work that is not completed and the system is just letting me know you are active. I will only comment on work that has been 'handed in'. Apologies if I have muddled you!!! I am on a steep learning curve and Mrs Wookey and Mrs Martin are being very helpful. 

We have been putting work onto the display boards, have you had a go at anyone else's maze? 

I have tried recording myself when giving feedback, have you worked out how to listen?


Grammar booklet   p.8 and  9      tenses and adding  'ing'


Comprehension book  -  Fiction 3  Anansi and the Turtle ( remember that an adult can read and write for you if you need them to).


MyMaths -  you should have 2 new activities all time related.


Reasoning booklet  p.35-36     Days and months


Purple Mash   - 2do  Fractonio's Pizzeria   ( I have left audio on this,  click on the white speaker icon when you go to your 2do, not sure if it shows when you go through the alerts).


Have a wonderful day, I am going to wash the car this afternoon. I am helping Phoebe with her school work and Lily will probably go out for a run. 

Looking forward to getting some messages from you today.

Tuesday 21st April

Good morning lovely people,


I went for a long walk with Lily yesterday, when we were nearly home I realised I had dropped my scarf (which Lily told me I didn't need!!!) so we had to walk all the way back and we found it on the pavement not far from home. I was very annoyed and frustrated with myself but also very pleased to have my scarf back. Lily said I should have tied it around my tummy.


I love your mazes, I am very impressed with the detail and complexity in some of them. I am so glad you enjoyed it and well done to those of you who got your things to move, very clever. I have put some of them on the display boards. You can get to the display board by clicking on the Sharing icon ( green globe) at the top left of your screen.


Writing - put the Easter Bunny sticker into your writing books. Remember that for some of you it's okay for your parents to write as long as you come up with the ideas!!! 


Science book    p.6 and 7     Food chains    follow this link to an activity on Bitesize, once you are there there are a few more clips and activities if you want to do  more.


Reading      -     Oxford Owl - pick a book of your choice and do the two activities linked with it.


Purple Mash   - 2do  All about me


In Purple Mash I have been trying to record myself!!! I sound very strange and Phoebe has been laughing at my voice and the way I have spoken. I will get better at it and more relaxed!!! When you click in the red 2do tab go to the set activity and if it has a white sound icon click it once and you should be able to hear my message. 


Get outside and enjoy the sunshine, remember to put on sun cream. 

Monday 20th April

  Good morning Class 2, 


I hope you are all well. I have got blisters and aching shoulders from raking the dead moss out of the lawn. I am still going for  a walk every day and I hope today to persuade Lily and Phoebe to walk with me to the beach. It was funny on Friday doing Joe Wicks with the other 5 adults and the children in school!!! Miss Wilkinson said her legs were stiff on Saturday. 

I have checked Doodlemaths and we are being beaten by Class R, come on year 2's lets show them what we're made of!!!


Please remember that the books sent home will be used by me to set pages at certain times, if you wish to work through them then that's fine but when I set pages on certain days you will be done already. ( Just trying to spread it out and pace it for the long haul!!) 


I am loving all the work that appears on the system that I can see as the teacher, I will ask Mrs Wookey if she can set up another display board and then that way you get to see each other's work. I can see what you have done even if you don't click hand in, so I may at times reply when you're not finished (sorry).  


Mrs Hockin is doing an amazing job, we must make sure she gets a big thank you when we get back to school.

I am at home this week, I sit in my dining room and Phoebe sits opposite me doing her work. So if I'm not marking and messaging you I am doing Year 8 work (some of it is really hard!!!!).


Maths - Arithmetic book    p.12 and 13       Subtracting


                Reasoning book   . 12 and 13        add and subtract word problems


Purple Mash    -  2do    Talking Story  - Going to the Park    (read, listen, questions)


                              2do     2DIY  3D      -  make a maze for your character, go through the maze to collect coins and avoid the baddies. I managed to make a simple maze with this so I am sure yours will be amazing. The green arrow at the top right by the red back arrow is the video that shows you how to do it. I had lots of fun and showed it to Mr Rogers so I think the Year 4s might do it too one day.


Mrs Allen




Friday 17th April

Good morning, 


It's going to be a wet day today!!! All of the teachers in school have got their PE kit on and we will be doing Joe Wicks today. Why don't you do it too?


Yesterday in the pond we found lots of creatures including 2 newts and a baby newt. If you have a pond or go walking near a stream, pond or river let me know what you spot.


Maths - Arithmetic booklet     p.9 and 10  - 2 digit addition


Grammar booklet     p.6 and 7   - Sentences


MyMaths - 2 activities all to do with adding or  subtracting - remember to have pen and paper so you can do working out  and not try to keep it all in your heads.


Music - Charanga (YUMU)   - I have added some activities based around the story of Jack and the Beanstalk


Handwriting/spelling  - lines 5 and 6 the words  over - small


You can catch up on any missed Purple Mash activities. There are lots of fun things to explore and some of you can change your avatar. You can delete alerts as my messages to you are stored in the 2do list. It can get quite stressful if the alerts build up!!! 


Please keep messaging me. I love hearing what you're up to. 

Don't you think that Captain Tom is an amazing man?!


Enjoy your weekend. I will be at home next week but will be at the end of my keyboard to help!!! Please only do what you can from the work I set and don't worry if you don't finish it. 


Mrs Allen xx

Thursday 16th April

Good morning,


I am really enjoying seeing all the fantastic work being done in Purple Mash and it's nice having chats with you in the blog. Well done to those of you who have set up your own blogs. Excellent work Freddie recording yourself for the news report.


I filled up the school pond yesterday so I hope it will help more creatures want to live there!!!  I went for a lovely walk along the estuary yesterday when I got home and saw an army helicopter flying very low and it was flashing its lights at the people out walking(in a nice way!!!)


Maths - Arithmetic book   p.7 and 8     2 digit addition


Purple Mash - Washing hands fact file

                       - A - fish- metic

                       - Find your 2Create story and add another two pages of pictures and text to extend your story, Mrs Martin, Mrs Wookey and                            I  look forward to reading them.


Science booklet - p.28 and 29    Healthy Living( very important at the moment)


Mr Rogers and I will be doing Joe Wicks again in school today, I have some sore muscles from yesterday!!

Wednesday 15th April

Good morning, 

It's been lovely to see you and your pets. I miss your smiling faces. The weather is a bit chilly this morning and I had to get the ice off my car!! BBRRRRRRRRRR!!!!

Maths - Reasoning booklet  p44-46 (links to the Mymaths work on position and direction)

Grammar booklet  p4 and 5      - adjectives and adverbs


Purple Mash - Mashcam in 2do. Choose either the male or the female news presenter and write about your news from home. You could tell me about your day, your Easter, what you've enjoyed doing while at home, who you've been chatting to in video calls or anything new you have learnt to do.


Keep Doodling - I am checking and have a list of who's been on!!!


Stay safe and try to get out for a walk or cycle, perhaps you could make up your own new games to teach your friends when we all get back to school. 


Tuesday 14th April

Good morning everyone,


I hope you all had a wonderful Easter. The Bunny found our house and I am enjoying the chocolate.


The sun is still shining, the birds are singing and there's fun to be had in the garden. I have loved seeing the pictures in your blogs and I must say that some of you have been very busy!!


Handwriting/spelling - high frequency words rows 3 and 4  (good - night)


Reading booklet - p5-10  The Ferris Wheel


Science booklet - p8-9   Micro habitats (linked to the daily task of a minibeast hunt)


Purplemash - Little Red (reading activity and some other linked activities, including a jigsaw)

                      - 2 Times Table  ( I like the rock star one the best, which will be your favourite?)


Mymaths - Geometry     Position and Direction  ( Patterns and Sequence then Position and Turning)


Please try to do Joe Wicks or some outdoor or indoor challenges to keep you feeling fit and healthy. I try to go for a walk every day and my children go cycling.

Friday 27th March

Good morning,


It's the last day of term and the sun is shining so make sure you get outside. 


Arithmetic - pages 5 and 6      Bonds to 20

Reasoning - pages 5 and 6      Count in 2, 3, 5 and 10s

Reading                        Oxford Owl a book of your choice and do the activities linked to it

2do           Mashcam of your choice(can't be set as a 2do so search and pick!!!)

2do           Games - grammar- Bella and the farm

Doodlemaths - Yr2 Measure 2 should be set as an extra activity.


I think I have managed to set something in Charanga(music) go to YUMU


There are lots of things to explore in PurpleMash over the holidays, just remember that at some point they might also be set as a 2do.

I will check the blog occasionally over the holiday in case you post something.


I look forward to seeing what your avatars look like(those of you who have not changed them). Click on the black silhouette at the top right to change yours. 

Have a good holiday Mrs Allen

Thursday 26th March

Good morning,


I am back in school today. I will miss Lily and Phoebe and I hope that they do not make too much mess cooking at home!!


Writing - stick the Victoria Sponge sticker into your purple writing book. Remember all the things you need to do when you write.


Science book - Habitats  p.4+5


Handwriting - use you red book. Practice the first two rows on the Next 200 High Frequency words (water to say). Remember to use the correct joins and think about the shape of letters and words.


Doodlemaths - Yr2 measures 1 -  set on the programme.( I am not sure where it appears for you to see it).


Spelling Week 6 (no rush on these)

Sequence snakes - as recommended by Edward.


Try to do Joe Wicks and perhaps make up some sport challenges in your garden.

Wednesday 25th March

Good morning,

Another sunny day!! I hope you are getting outside if you can. 


I went for a walk with Mr Allen in the sunshine near the Estuary in Exmouth. Lily and Phoebe are doing their school work and the Joe Wicks daily workout.


Grammar book - verbs page 3

Arithmetic - pages 3 and 4   Counting in steps of 5 and 10

Mymaths - lesson - measurement - units of measure - Chapter 5 Capacity

Mymaths online homework - comparing measure


Purplemash - 2Create a story

Go to the adventure story section as you can add more in( characters) Have an explore today and see what you can do, the story is one of your choice. There are lots of backgrounds you can use so that might give you an idea.


Thank you for sending in the pictures, see if you can add them to the 2Blog in Purplemash where Mrs Wookey and I can admire them.


Enjoy your day and I look forward to seeing your work, some of what you do I can see that you've done it but there is no way to respond in the system.

Have a great day

Mrs Allen

Tuesday 24th March

Good morning everybody,


I hope that you are well. Remember to treat each other with kindness and not to worry about getting this work done all at once. Today I am at home with Lily and Phoebe as the teachers are working on a rota. 


Look out of your window and draw me a sunshine picture with some pretty spring flowers if you can see them. Do this in your green book.You can upload a photo of your picture to the 2Blog site(possibly). Or send it to Mrs Hockin on the usual email address to put on our website.


Grammar book - noun phrases page 2

Arithmetic book - counting in steps of 2 and 3   pages 1 and 2

Mashcam (Purplemash) 2do - Elizabeth 1st. Use your recent homework to add the facts.

MyMaths - Lesson

Measurement, units of measure

chapter 3 - height and length

Then online homework set in the normal way( I am not sure the homework done through the lesson link registers on the section I can see). It's a steep learning curve for us all!

Have a lovely day and enjoy the sunshine.