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Friday 27th March

Good morning,


It's the last day of term and the sun is shining so make sure you get outside. 


Arithmetic - pages 5 and 6      Bonds to 20

Reasoning - pages 5 and 6      Count in 2, 3, 5 and 10s

Reading                        Oxford Owl a book of your choice and do the activities linked to it

2do           Mashcam of your choice(can't be set as a 2do so search and pick!!!)

2do           Games - grammar- Bella and the farm

Doodlemaths - Yr2 Measure 2 should be set as an extra activity.


I think I have managed to set something in Charanga(music) go to YUMU


There are lots of things to explore in PurpleMash over the holidays, just remember that at some point they might also be set as a 2do.

I will check the blog occasionally over the holiday in case you post something.


I look forward to seeing what your avatars look like(those of you who have not changed them). Click on the black silhouette at the top right to change yours. 

Have a good holiday Mrs Allen

Thursday 26th March

Good morning,


I am back in school today. I will miss Lily and Phoebe and I hope that they do not make too much mess cooking at home!!


Writing - stick the Victoria Sponge sticker into your purple writing book. Remember all the things you need to do when you write.


Science book - Habitats  p.4+5


Handwriting - use you red book. Practice the first two rows on the Next 200 High Frequency words (water to say). Remember to use the correct joins and think about the shape of letters and words.


Doodlemaths - Yr2 measures 1 -  set on the programme.( I am not sure where it appears for you to see it).


Spelling Week 6 (no rush on these)

Sequence snakes - as recommended by Edward.


Try to do Joe Wicks and perhaps make up some sport challenges in your garden.

Wednesday 25th March

Good morning,

Another sunny day!! I hope you are getting outside if you can. 


I went for a walk with Mr Allen in the sunshine near the Estuary in Exmouth. Lily and Phoebe are doing their school work and the Joe Wicks daily workout.


Grammar book - verbs page 3

Arithmetic - pages 3 and 4   Counting in steps of 5 and 10

Mymaths - lesson - measurement - units of measure - Chapter 5 Capacity

Mymaths online homework - comparing measure


Purplemash - 2Create a story

Go to the adventure story section as you can add more in( characters) Have an explore today and see what you can do, the story is one of your choice. There are lots of backgrounds you can use so that might give you an idea.


Thank you for sending in the pictures, see if you can add them to the 2Blog in Purplemash where Mrs Wookey and I can admire them.


Enjoy your day and I look forward to seeing your work, some of what you do I can see that you've done it but there is no way to respond in the system.

Have a great day

Mrs Allen

Tuesday 24th March

Good morning everybody,


I hope that you are well. Remember to treat each other with kindness and not to worry about getting this work done all at once. Today I am at home with Lily and Phoebe as the teachers are working on a rota. 


Look out of your window and draw me a sunshine picture with some pretty spring flowers if you can see them. Do this in your green book.You can upload a photo of your picture to the 2Blog site(possibly). Or send it to Mrs Hockin on the usual email address to put on our website.


Grammar book - noun phrases page 2

Arithmetic book - counting in steps of 2 and 3   pages 1 and 2

Mashcam (Purplemash) 2do - Elizabeth 1st. Use your recent homework to add the facts.

MyMaths - Lesson

Measurement, units of measure

chapter 3 - height and length

Then online homework set in the normal way( I am not sure the homework done through the lesson link registers on the section I can see). It's a steep learning curve for us all!

Have a lovely day and enjoy the sunshine.