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Learning Activities for Home

Friday 27th March

Friday 27th March - Core tasks:
Helllllllllllllllooooooooooooooo team 6!!!
End of the week - you've all learnt so much this week with our online teaching - I know we have too! We're all very proud of you. And a big thanks to you for being good online citizens and helping each other out as well as messaging responsibly.

PE with Joe

Today we are going to copy up our stories into our English book. Copy those spellings and punctuation marks accurately. Remember to join your handwriting as best you can. Miss Lidstone and I will enjoy looking at them when we see you again.

Continuing from yesterday - Either finish off the SATs perimeter and area booklet and mark your answers (remember to look at how they have got their answers - especially if yours has an error). There are some challenging questions in the pack - dig deep and give them a go - but don't be hard on yourself if you have made an error or got confused.
Finish off the White Rose Year 5 Home learning - decimals and fractions work:
Lessons 3, 4 and 5.

Final task:
Today is a mopping up day - finish off any work you haven't yet completed:
Final version of your complete hero and beast story (completed in docs and copied into book).
History Exeter Project Slides (assignment).
Science - Circulation revision (assignment).

If you have finished all of the above then give yourself a pat on the back - you have earned a free session - do something you enjoy - play a board game, go out into the garden, read a book, draw, paint it is up to you!!

Thursday 26th March


Log into Joe Wicks the Body Coach again on Youtube for our daily 30 minute workout. Are your legs aching?!

There is a choice today -
1. If you got on well with the area and perimeter Mymaths work, start to work on the perimeter and area revision booklets that have been assigned to the class. Go to classwork and then the maths tab - you will find the assignment there. We will do 40 minutes of work on the perimeter and area questions in your maths books today and will continue with the booklets again tomorrow.

2. The second option is to help me and Mrs Jones by testing out a new section of the White Rose website. There is a new home learning section with learning videos and activities.
You would need to follow the link to the Year 5 home learning section and complete lessons 3, 4 and 5 which follow on from our class work on decimals and fractions. You MUST WATCH THE VIDEOS BEFORE COMPLETING THE ACTIVITIES!
We would love you to give us some feedback if you do this option.

We will be finishing our stories by making the very final improvements.
First, read through your story and then read through the suggestions that Mrs Jones has made again. Make your final improvements based on these comments and remember to make any changes in purple coloured text.

Also make sure you have:
Spaces after punctuation marks. Full stops, commas, ! ? end ) end " and dash
Capital letters for names and places (proper nouns)
Commas and hyphens where needed in expanded noun phrases
Commas after fronted adverbials
Check your spellings
Look at those sentence starters - ing, ed, ly, (where, when and how) adverbials etc.
Integrated speech with action and description

Last lesson - History (for this afternoon)
Exeter History project.
Thank you to those people who have already shared their slides.
We will be completing the scrapbook pages to finish our topic before the holidays. Please COMPLETE your slide pages using the template.
Remember that you need to include plenty of facts, key dates and images with captions. Make sure that you include lots of of information under each of your subheadings. Please also 'check the basics' like capital letters and spellings.
As well as the Exeter Memories website and your own notes, the RAMM museum have some useful information in their 'time trail' section of the website


Wednesday 25th March

Core tasks
Good morning folks...
Joe Wick - the body coach - is on day 3 - How many days have you done with him?
Let's go again this morning.

Maths - My maths
We're looking at how area is calculated for triangles today - Log into My maths - Measurement - Y6 area of triangles LESSON. I have also set the homework task.
Complete the lesson and homework.
If you can, look at the Y6 area of parallelograms lesson and complete that homework too (if it is a step too far don't worry)

Part one - Let's look at our Speech
We're going to focus back on speech today. I have noticed quite a few of your stories aren't marked accurately or need integrating. Some of you need to reduce your speech; a few need to add some!!
Here are the astronaut Vicky video clips we used in class in our MacBeth unit to recap things for you: (Take care it is a Youtube clip) YOU MIGHT NEED TO VIEW IT ON A PHONE IF YOU ARE USING A SCHOOL CHROME BOOK. - Punctuation: Introduction to speech marks (KS2) - Punctuation: Using speech marks to punctuate direct speech (KS2)

Check your speech and speech punctuation in your story.
Remember our speech sandwiches?

Action and description
Speech (with who 'said' it and how)
Action and description

Part two - Let's look at our sentences starters.
I am noticing a few stories have adverbials starters with no main clause
e.g. Walking along the narrow pathway. Remember you need to have a main clause for  sentences with a noun and verb (someone or something doing an action)
e.g. Bob spotted the creature hiding - becomes - Walking along the narrow pathway, Bob spotted the creature hiding.
Check your sentences make sure they make sense and aren't left 'hanging' incomplete.

Part three - Now complete your story - how will it end. No dreams, no back for tea and no 'the end'.... please.
Ready for copying up tomorrow...

Mrs Jameson will set you a science assignment for today.